'RuPaul's Drag Race': India stays on show despite being in bottom thrice, angry fans call her Roxxxy Andrews

A fans said India is 'roxxxy andrewsing' her way through this season despite being in the bottom

                            'RuPaul's Drag Race': India stays on show despite being in bottom thrice, angry fans call her Roxxxy Andrews
India Ferrah (Getty Images)

Despite putting up a decent performance for her SheMZ challenge, India Ferrah was pushed to the bottom two. The judges were not impressed with her runway look either, which was a leathery twist to camouflage fashion. She used the print in patches, which didn't sit well with most. But her makeup skills were lauded. She went with black lips and slicked-back hair.

India has won one maxi challenge this season but there are chances people might have forgotten it because she has also been in the bottom two thrice, including this week. Despite her best efforts, her performance was critiqued harshly. It's almost as if nothing she ever does impresses the judges or it could be she is slightly less charged by the fever of the competition. In a since-deleted Facebook post from 2012, India had called out the makers of the show a "bad name" and how they have no idea about what drag really meant. India claimed that her peers were doing drugs on the show but she never resorted to all that to win a "fake TV show". In the same post, she had implied she'd rather quit drag than be a part of all the circus. However, that didn't last long as she resumed her role as a drag queen later that year. 

Meanwhile, fans are comparing India with Roxxxy Andrews from 'All-Stars' Season 2. She was in the bottom five times. "Is India Ferrah the new Roxxxy Andrews? Bottom in every single episode for an entire season of #AllStars5 until the final?" a fan asked, while another shared: "India been in the bottom 3 times yet Mayhem goes home... #AllStars5." Another confused viewer said, "India survived another week of being in the bottom?! Make it make sense #AllStars5." One pointed out, "India is roxxxy andrewsing her way through this season #dragrace #allstars5." 

"How on earth is India staying over these legends? HOW?! #rupaulsdragrace #AllStars5 #RPDR12," a fan wrote, while another tweeted: "I feel like india farrah is the roxxy of the season bc shes been in the bottom week after week n she's still here!!! #allstars #rupaulsdragrace."

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