12 things that you possibly missed about Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the royal wedding

The wedding of their uncle Prince Harry seems to be one of the major events in the young lives of Prince George and Princess Charlotte won our hearts with their cute antics

                            12 things that you possibly missed about Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the royal wedding
Princess Charlotte (Source:Getty Images)

The royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle came to a close over the weekend and now we get a chance to look back and reflect. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were seen on their best behavior as they participated in the event. 

These are 12 possible things that you may not have noticed about Prince George and Princess Charlotte: 

#12 Prince George did not carry Meghan's veil 

Jessica Mulroney's twins do the honors of carrying Meghan's veil (Source: Getty Images)

Prince George did not carry Meghan Markle's veil and the honor went to Jessica Mulroney's twin boys Brian and John Mulroney. The 7-year-old twins were the oldest page boys at the bridal party. 

#11 They all walked down the aisle behind the bride 

The flower girls and page boys follow the royal couple with Prince George bringing up the rear(Source: Getty Images)

As per the British tradition, the flower girls and ring bearers follow the bride as she enters the church. Prince George was seen holding hands with the fourth page boy Jasper Dyer, while Princess Charlotte was seen holding hands with two other flower girls. 

#10 Prince George and Princess Charlotte did not leave with the other kids

The family sees off Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the wedding chapel (Source: Getty Images)

As many viewers would have noticed, Prince George and Princess Charlotte did not leave the church with the other kids. While the rest of the bridal party followed the couple back down the aisle, the Cambridges hung back for a bit and were seen standing outside the church post the ceremony. 

#9 Princess Charlotte stuck her tongue out!

The little cheeky miss (Source: Getty Images)

On the way to the church, Princess Charlotte could not help but be a little cheeky and the toddler was spotted cutely sticking her tongue out despite her mother riding with her in the car. Prince Harry had done the same thing back in the year 1988 while returning from the hospital after the birth of Princess Beatrice. 

#8 Kate Middleton had them holding hands as they all entered the church

The Duchess of Cambridge makes sure the children climb the stairs carefully (Source: Getty Images)

While attending the royal wedding, Kate Middleton was definitely in 'mom-mode' and looked after the children. The Duchess of Cambridge carefully guided the children up the stairs and into the church. 

#7 Prince George was seen feeling camera shy

 Prince George plays peek-a-boo while Princess Charlotte is having fun (Source: Getty Images)

Prince George could be seen feeling slightly camera shy as he stood next to his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Prince George was seen hiding behind his father while his sister Princess Charlotte had no problem being the center of attention. 

#6 Princess Charlotte showed off her shoes 

Do we see a mini-tantrum here? (Source: Getty Images)

Each of the bridesmaids of Meghan Markle were seen wearing white leather Aquazurra shoes which were monogrammed with their initials and the wedding date. Meghan gave these to her attendants as a gift and "keepsake of the special day."

#5 Prince George's outfit matched his uncle's and father's

Like father, like son (Source: Getty Images)

All the page boys wore a miniature version of the Blues and Royals frockcoat worn by the groom, Prince Harry, and the best man, Prince William. Both Prince Harry and Prince William belonged to this cavalry regiment. Prince Harry and Prince William's uniforms were definitely the real things but the children's outfit was slightly different. 

In a statement, the Kensington Palace revealed, "The figured braiding has been scaled down for the Pages, as otherwise, it would have gone above their shoulders. The Pages are not wearing hats or white waist belts for practical reasons."

Each of the page boys also had their initials embroidered in gold onto their shoulder straps as a special memento.

#4 Princess Charlotte's flower crown and bouquet matched Meghan's 

Kate wants to know what has caught Charlotte's attention(Source: Getty Images)

Florist Philippa Craddock decided to use the same flowers for Princess Charlotte's crown and bouquet which matched Meghan Markle's. The flowers included forget-me-nots which are believed to be the favorite of Princess Diana. It was a great way for Princess Charlotte to honor her grandmother. 

#3 Princess Charlotte's cute sneezes

Bless you! (Source: Getty Images)

Princess Charlotte seemed to have the sniffles while she attended the Royal wedding ceremony and was seen sneezing. The toddler was also caught using her Givenchy dress as a tissue but who can blame her?! The dresses were designed by Clare Waight Keller and also had pockets. 

#2 Prince George nailed the 'say cheese' act for the official portrait

Prince George may have looked a bit shy and timid at the Royal wedding but the future king showed off his beautiful smile in a family picture absolutely nailing the 'say cheese' act. 

#1 It was the first time Prince George wore trousers

Prince George (Source: Getty Images)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, and Kate Middleton always dress their son, Prince George in trouser shorts and knee-length socks as per the Royal family tradition. Members of the British Royal family, very seldom dress young boys in trousers, but this wedding was an exception.