Princess Meghan! What royal title will be given to Meghan Markle once she weds Prince Harry?

It is Queen Elizabeth II's task to bestow titles on her family members and once Meghan enters the family, she may just be given the title of Duchess of Sussex.

                            Princess Meghan! What royal title will be given to Meghan Markle once she weds Prince Harry?
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (Source:Getty Images)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding is just a month away and while all the preparations for the big day are being made, there is one big question that is yet to be answered- what will be the royal title of Meghan once she enters the royal family?

Harry's title might change before his wedding  (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

According to People, the former Suits actress will become Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales. However, there is a possibility that this might change if the Queen decides to change Harry's title from His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales to the Duke of Sussex. If this happens, Meghan would be known as the Duchess of Sussex. The idea of getting a royal title is more than associating each one of them as merely "princess" or "prince". 

According to PopSugar, the responsibility of giving a title to any member of the family comes down to Queen Elizabeth II. She is the only person who has a say on what the royal family members title would be. At the same time, she can also give titles to nonmembers of the royal family.

The queen gets to decide the royal title (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

The British have a system known as a peerage, which means that for some of the members, the title comes based on their nobility and aristocracy. The system has been in place for more than hundred years, which means that some of the titles we see for the royal family members could have been earned through service to the crown, doing good deeds, or simply being wealthy, reports PopSugar.

However, some of the titles later became inherited titles that were passed down through families. As for the Royal family of England, there is no title higher than "duke," aside from king, queen, or prince. This is one of the reasons that Prince Philip is the Duke of Edinburgh and not the king. If he was known as the king, he would have a higher position than the Queen. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton had a similar experience before their marriage. The royal couple, who is also known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got their title because of The Queen. Shortly before William married Kate, the Queen had bestowed upon William the title of the Duke of Cambridge. There is a possibility she will do the same prior to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.