Uh oh! The Royal family's website might have slipped up and hinted at royal baby #3's name

Uh oh! The Royal family's website might have slipped up and hinted at royal baby #3's name
Prince William and Kate Middleton (Source: Getty Images)

We might have an idea about what Prince William and Kate Middleton may have chosen as a name for their third child. Blame it on a technical glitch, the royal family's big name reveal may have been spoiled already There is a possibility that the pair is going to name their son, Prince Albert. 

The name of the baby might be Prince Albert (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

If one checks the royal family's website, they will notice that each member of the family has a certain page on the site which has been dedicated to them. Anyone can access the page by typing the name of the royal family member after the main site’s URL: royal.uk. For instance, if you type,  royal.uk/prince-harry, the page which has been dedicated to Prince Harry will pop up and display all the information you have been looking for with regard to him. 

The same goes on for the other members of the family. However, things are a bit different when it comes to Queen Elizabeth's grandchildren. When one types the name, Princess Charlotte or Prince George in the same way, the page that is displayed shows "access denied".

One can just think it is because the kids have a lot of time before they have a page full of their accomplishments. However, one interesting thing to notice is how the same page appears when one tries to search the name "Albert". Now, if one tries to search Prince Arthur, which is also a top contestant on a possible baby name, the page displays "page not found". 

Looking at all the evidence in hand, it seems like Prince Albert might be the name that the royal family has chosen. While the names of Princess Charlotte and Prince George were announced two days after their birth, the name of the royal baby no. 3 has still not been revealed. If the family does settle for the name 'Albert' it won't be a surprise at all as the name has been a top pick in the British royal family ever since the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840.

The name has managed to be part of every generation in some way or the other. It’s also one of Prince Andrew and Prince Harry’s middle names. Even though we still have to wait for the Palace to make the official announcement about the name, we cannot help but think people may have guessed the name of the baby. 

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