Prince Harry 'switches on' his outgoing behavior for cameras but William is naturally social, says royal filmmaker

BAFTA-nominated producer Nick Bullen says the difference in Prince William and Prince Harry's behaviour might be due to the difference in positions they hold in the monarchy

                            Prince Harry 'switches on' his outgoing behavior for cameras but William is naturally social, says royal filmmaker
Prince William and Prince Harry (Source:Getty Images)

Producer and royal filmmaker Nick Bullen while speaking to Yahoo UK's online series 'The Royal Box' claimed that while Prince Harry carries a reputation of an extrovert, his brother Prince William is more outgoing and carefree. 

Bullen, who has worked with the brothers numerous times, speculates that Harry, 34, who appears to be chatty and an outgoing person 'switches on' this behavior for the camera, while, William, 36 is naturally social, reported Daily Mail

BAFTA-nominated Bullen speculates the difference in their actions might narrow down to the positions they hold in the monarchy. 

Bullen said, "Harry appears the most relaxed, but I think he's probably the more reserved in many ways… When he's there, he'll switch it on and he knows what he's got to do, but given his choice, he'd really rather not do it. Whereas William knows it's his role, it's his future, he has to deal with it and he has to face up and front it up, so I think ultimately William is the one that gets on and does it.'

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry attend the opening of the Greenhouse Sports Centre on April 26, 2018, in London, United Kingdom (Getty Images)


Bullen explains the fact that the royal family acknowledges the role media has played to make the wider royal family appealing in the public's eye. Bullen, who has made several royal documentaries, says, "All of the royal family realize the benefits of the press, of a good documentary or a good access piece."

The interviews were even used to mould the public's opinion of the relationship the sons of Prince Charles shared with him after Princess Diana, who was known to be close to Prince Harry and Prince William.

Bullen said in a TV appearance, "They said things they had never said about their father and people thought, 'Oh, these boys have got a great relationship with their Dad.' And the more they can allow people a little glimpse of that relationship, the better it is for them."

Bullen also said that the choice of venue for Princess Eugenie's recent wedding was made by the Queen herself, unlike the speculations that suggest the bride was trying to copy the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Bullen who was also responsible for Princess Eugenie's wedding said that the Queen has an absolute control over the family and everything they did was to be approved by the Queen first. 

Princess Eugenie of York and her husband Jack Brooksbank on the steps of St George's Chapel after their wedding at St. George's Chapel on October 12, 2018, in Windsor, England (Getty Images)


Bullen also shared his opinion about the pregnancy announcement made by Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle at Princess Eugenie's wedding.

"Personally, if it were my wedding, I wouldn't have been thrilled,"  Bullen admits. He added, "What went on behind castle walls, I don't know."

However, Bullen stated that addition of Duchess Meghan Markle has increased the longevity of royal family by "100 years" and has made it more relevant. 

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex seen holding her baby bump whilst Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex walk along a wharf in Kingfisher bay on October 22, 2018, in Fraser Island, Australia. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on their official 16-day Autumn tour visiting cities in Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand (Getty Images)