Roy Kim appears for questioning in Burning Sun Scandal case, fans react to singer's apology

Roy Kim's questioning was held on April 10, before which the singer apologized to his fans, family and said he will cooperate with the police

                            Roy Kim appears for questioning in Burning Sun Scandal case, fans react to singer's apology
South Korean singer Roy Kim (Source : Getty Images)

South Korean singer Roy Kim appeared for questioning at Seoul Metropolitan Police Office on April 10 at 2.45 p.m. local time in relation to the ongoing Burning Sun Scandal. He was one of the recent celebrities named as being part of the Kakao talk group where Seungri and Jung joon-young shared pornographic videos of women who were recorded without their knowledge.

It was reported that the singer had also taken part in the chat group and shared obscene images. Initially, he was a witness in the case but was later booked on suspicions of spreading obscene pictures. 

According to a report in All K Pop, Roy Kim apologized in front of Seoul Metropolitan Police Office with the press present. He said: "First and foremost, I apologize to my fans and family who cherished me and cheered me on, as well as to the nation's citizens, for causing worry. I will take part in the investigation truthfully."

He refused to comment on questions about whether he shared obscene images on the group. The actor returned from the U.S. April 9, early morning, to cooperate in the investigation and fans are disappointed about the role he played in the scandal. 

Fans on Reddit reacted to the fact that Roy Kim's father, professor Kim Hong-taek, had to apologize to his students on behalf of his son when the news broke. He had said everything was his fault at the end of a class, according to student quoted in KoreaBoo

They have also reacted to the singer's apology. User, u/secretlygreatly143 quoted a news report and wrote, "His father, who is a professor at Hongik University apologized for his son's actions. That's just so f**king sad... You come from a good family, go to a good private school, a great university, and become one of the most successful soloists in Korea and you still do this shit? some people just have no conscience. no matter his involvement and even at the lowest level of severity, he was always a bystander to such immorally wrong actions. Seriously, they say the best way to know someone is to look at their friends."

Another Reddit user, u/sharkhider17, also noted how Roy Kim's apology did not include the victims. The user wrote, "No apology to the victims to the surprise of no one. These sh*tbags better be held responsible for [their] actions." While user u/LittleWebbedFeet added: "The refusal to even acknowledge the victims is so frustrating. It's the same with Seungri. He's gone to great lengths to list his family, fans, former agency and bandmates, the public, etc... but never the victims. I figure these guys' legal counsel must be advising them not to because it could come off as an admission of guilt, but surely there's a way to express remorse toward the women affected without incriminating themselves? Neglecting to mention them looks awfully insensitive and doesn't help their image one bit IMO."

Roy Kim who is currently studying Sociology in Georgetown University will also be investigated by the university.