Youtube star Ross Smith says he is Robin to his 92-year-old grandmother's Batman

26-year-old Ross Smith makes Youtube videos with his badass grandma Pauline 'Granny' Kana who happens to be 92

                            Youtube star Ross Smith says he is Robin to his 92-year-old grandmother's Batman

Ross Smith isn't like most Youtubers, he doesn't do tutorials but rather collaborates with the likes of Steve Harvey and Chuck Norris and has hilarious content that isn't over the top. However, all of this isn't what really sets him apart. The reason behind his fame is actually his partner in crime, his grandmother.

As unbelievable as it sounds, 26-year-old Ross makes Youtube videos with his Pauline "Granny" Kana who happens to be 92. They pull all kinds of pranks on strangers, do trick shots and funny motivational videos, all the while keeping grandma looking totally badass.

The thing about this duo is that, although it is Ross' name on the channel, his granny is the real star. Ross says he is the Robin to Pauline's Batman. "Absolutely. I am the sidekick. This is her show," Ross told Meaww in an exclusive interview. "I'll play the producer and she's Betty White."


The duo started out doing funny videos about five years ago. Turns out, they had been doing hilarious things together much before that — but the only thing missing was a piece of equipment. "It was all kind of started randomly. We've been best friends and I have been really close to her my whole life and we've been doing things together but the only thing missing was a camera phone. So in college, I kind of discussed the idea when I did get one," says Ross, laughing.

Granny didn't need any convincing at all, he reveals. "I started secretly recording her and posting it and people were loving it. So I just kind of kept with it and next thing I knew, you know, we had blown up all over the internet and everything. She didn't know at first but, as time went on, we kind of bought into a system together. She figured out what I was doing."

In fact, she initially thought he was taking pictures of her. "Honestly, for the first three years, she thought I was taking pictures of her. Oh, she didn't know what the internet was. So she just didn't understand any of it," he says and laughs.

The duo has made countless videos on the internet but Granny's all time favorite is the one where she got to meet her celebrity crush Chuck Norris. "We shoot with a lot of celebrities but Grandma never knows them, she didn't grow up like that," says Ross.

"It was a really cool experience for her." She's also beat Steve Harvey at beer pong. "We went to his house for the shoot and played beer pong. I think she likes the really macho, masculine men," he says laughing. The duo has also shot with actor Tom Selleck.

Ross says that the whole point of doing what they do is to help the younger generation connect to the elderly again. "To a lot of them think it's inspiring just because you know their grandkids and family members are reaching out to them. My goal is to just make old folks look cool again because, a lot of times, we just forget old people. A lot of people actually compliment me because I hang out my grandma and a lot of young people want to hang out with their grandparents. So it's funny how that works," he says.


However, in spite of the fame, Granny likes to stay true to her roots. "I've asked Grandma to move in with me or to a nicer place but she goes, 'Nope, not doing it. I don't want anything new. I don't want any money'. She hasn't changed at all even though she knows how to handle fans now and she's overwhelmed with people taking pictures with her everywhere she goes. As for her person, she's the exact same old person she's always been. She will yell at me and go around doing granny things," says Ross. He also notes laughing that she still thinks every online platform is Facebook. "It's hilarious!" he says.


For Thanksgiving this year, the two visited the elderly with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Granny and Ross brought them puppies to hang out with. Just so they don't feel alone when the duo leaves, they made them custom pillows in the shape of the puppies they were holding. "Hopefully, our charity will take off, it was a really fun Thanksgiving," Ross says. 

Watch out for a TV show from this fun, unlikely duo in the future where they travel the country and tick off wishes from their bucket list.