Rosie O'Donnell's daughter Chelsea claims that her husband stole her money and dog

Chelsea is dating a man from Wisconsin named Jason Bourassa who revealed a picture of Chelsea's baby bump last week

                            Rosie O'Donnell's daughter Chelsea claims that her husband stole her money and dog
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Rosie O'Donnell's daughter Chelsea's divorce is getting downright nasty. 20-year-old Chelsea O'Donnell married 31-year-old plumber Nicholas Alliegro in the year 2016 in New York. 

As reported by Radar Online, the couple is now living in different states and are allegedly fighting over money and their dog. According to the divorce papers, Chelsea filed for legal separation from Alliegro on April 19. In the papers, she claimed that she is living in Wisconsin while her husband was based out of Waco, Texas.

The papers state that the distance between the pair is the main reason why Chelsea chose to file for a legal separation versus a divorce.

Chelsea claimed in the papers that the actual reason for the separation was because the "marital relationship is broken." On June 6, Chelsea went on to file a motion for a temporary order against her former husband claiming that he stole her money and her dog. 

In the document, she wrote, "Respondent refuses to return my dog to me. I purchased this dog with my own money in October 2017. When I moved to Wisconsin to be closer to family, my husband promised to give me the puppy. He is now refusing to send me the dog." She then claimed that Alliegro owed her thousands. 

"Respondent has also taken $1,100 from my account without my permission to pay for expenses related to the dog. I would like this money returned to me," the papers further read. Chelsea also took to writing to the court and shared that she "could not work" while they were married.

"Instead, he arranged for me to provide interviews about my family. He would then take the money from these interviews and spend it," she said.

Chelsea revealed that she was paid $10,000 for an interview and that her husband allegedly kept that money. In the documents, she also requested that her estranged husband return some of her personal property which belongs to her such as a couch, a television stand, clothing, pots, and pans from her mother Rosie, pictures, and her passport. 

Radar Online had previously reported that Chelsea is currently pregnant with another man's baby.

The 20-year-old is dating a man from Wisconsin named Jason Bourassa who revealed a picture of Chelsea's baby bump last week. He also hinted that the baby is due in January 2019. The due date suggests that the baby was conceived in the same month that she filed for divorce: April. 

Bourassa took to posting on Facebook about a puppy he bought for Chelsea and wrote, "For you babe next Friday this will be your new little angel baby sense (sic) d**khead kept your puppy."

In the initial divorce filing, Chelsea had claimed that she was "not pregnant" but clearly that changed. In September, the 20-year-old revealed that she was nine weeks pregnant. 

Chelsea and her mother Rosie O'Donnell had a public falling out and were not on good terms at all at the time. In an interview with DailyMail, Chelsea shared the news of her pregnancy and said, "It’s very exciting and I’m looking forward to it. But Rosie will not be in my child’s life – and no, I do not feel sad about that, to be honest."

In March 2017, Chelsea and Nicholas broke their silence on their marriage and claimed that Rosie was extremely unhappy about it. As reported by the Inside Edition, Alliegro shared, "She was upset that we got married without telling her, which I totally understand." Chelsea added, "I think she was shocked. The last time we got into an argument, we ended up screaming at each other and I left the room. Growing up, I never really got along with her and then once she kicked me out, I was just kind of done."

"I would just want her to know that we’re doing really great and we’re happy," she added and said that she would "someday" like to be able to make peace with her mother, "I hope". 

At the time when the feud between mother and daughter was peaking, friends of Rosie O'Donnell were worried at how much stress and misery the comedian was experiencing. As reported by Hollywoodlife, a source shared, "Rosie’s friends are worried about her, they’re all very concerned about her emotional state right now. They’re begging her to find a way to work this out with Chelsea, off of the internet. It’s very, very hard for Rosie though because Chelsea won’t speak to her, so she feels like the only way to reach her is by posting stuff online."

"Rosie’s desperate to get through to her daughter. It’s true they’ve had their issues in the past, but it’s never been this bad between them. Rosie is putting the majority of the blame for the current state of things on Chelsea husband Nick (Alliegro). Rosie sees him as the instigator and the person responsible for this rift with her daughter. You can see why she feels that way too."

"Chelsea is barely out of her teens and Nick’s in his mid-thirties. And according to Rosie, he’s very controlling. She’s tried everything to get Chelsea away from him, that’s why Chelsea won’t speak to her right now. It’s a heartbreaking situation, poor Rosie is beside herself over this," the source continued.