'Roseanne' pays tribute to late cast member Glenn Quinn in latest episode

'Roseanne' payed tribute to late cast member Glenn Quinn in its latest episode, 'Eggs Over, Not Easy.'

                            'Roseanne' pays tribute to late cast member Glenn Quinn in latest episode
Glenn Quinn and co-star Sarah Chalke from Roseanne (Source : IMDB)

ABC's 'Roseanne' made a return to the small screens on March 27 after a 20-year hiatus but this time, was without one its significant cast members, Glenn Quinn, who played Becky Connor's boyfriend Mark in the series' original 9-season run.

Quinn's body was found at a friend's home in North Hollywood in December 2002 and an autopsy revealed that he had died of an accidental heroin overdose. He was only 32. He had joined the cast in season 3 and would remain one of the show's central characters six subsequent seasons, eventually marrying Becky, played by Lecy Goranson.

In Tuesday's episode, 'Eggs Over, Not Easy,' the shows pays homage to the tragically deceased Quinn, both within the show and with a card at the episode's end.  In the episode, Becky finds out that she probably cannot have children after she goes to a clinic to donate eggs. 

Now out of $50,000 that she wanted to use to buy a house, she and Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert, get wasted, resulting in her revealing how she and Mark had attempted on numerous occasions to try for children. She also talks about how he died years ago, and how since then, she has been jumping from one relationship to the other desperately looking for someone she would love the same amount.

Undoubtedly the most touching moment of the series so far, the scene's heartfelt emotion was expertly complemented with ABC's own little tribute to the actor at the end. Quinn's struggles with homelessness, drug addiction, substance abuse, and alcoholism are well documented and cost the talented Irish actor his life too soon.

Michael Fishman, who plays D.J Conner on the show, also tweeted his own private tribute alongside a picture of Quinn's gravestone, writing: "Glenn and family are frequently on my mind. We put his picture in the hallway we pass each day," adding that "I’ll always honor him and the Quinn family in my work."

also wrote out a long, sincere post on Facebook where he said: "Glenn was an amazing person. He lit up every room he entered and every set he walked,' and that the actor was 'irreplaceable' and that he did his best to 'honor him.'

The show returned for its tenth season last month and was immediately a massive success, drawing in over 27 million viewers. Three days after the premiere night, ABC renewed it for its 11th season which is expected to span 13 episodes.