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'Rose solo' trends as fans demand Blackpink lead vocalist's single debut: 'It's a shame she doesn't have a solo'

Rose is yet to receive what she was promised while YG recently announced that Ye-Dam will be making his solo debut with a digital single in June
UPDATED MAY 27, 2020
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

When K-pop fans pointed a finger at YG Entertainment for only paying attention to Jennie, Lisa and JiSoo and completely ignoring the Blackpink’s lead vocalist Rose by not offering her a single in September 2019, the ‘Without You’ singer herself announced through an Instagram live segment that BLINKs needn’t have to worry as she’s working on her solo release.

However, it’s been a long time since then and Roseanne Park, known by stage name Rose, is yet to receive what she was promised, while YG recently announced that Ye-Dam will be making his solo debut with a digital single in June, ahead of his album Treasure’s release. 

Previously, in August 2019, fans had taken to Twitter to express their disappointment in YG for mistreating Rose and started the trend #StayStrongRosé, which prompted the singer to come live on Instagram and assure her fans she was working on something too. But on watching YG sign other singers for their solo debut, BLINKs have started the new trend ROSE SOLO on Twitter which is ranking on the top.

Rose, whose real name is Roseanne Park, was born in New Zealand and moved to Seoul in 2012 after signing a record label with YS Entertainment. Several fans on Twitter have noted that Rose left her life behind in another country to establish herself in the K-pop industry and how she hasn’t got the chance to put her talent on display.

One fan wrote, “Rosé did not leave Australia for nothing. She came to your company and it's been over a year since Rose reassured us about her solo project and she did not get one yet. YG STOP IGNORING BLINKS AND GIVE US ROSÉ SOLO! @ygent_official @ygofficialblink”.

“Rosé didn't flew all the way to korea just to be some brands' model or anything. blackpink deserves better. ROSÉ DESERVES BETTER. we need ROSÉ SOLO @ygofficialblink,’ added another. 

A few fans have stated that Blackpink needs to be treated better for Rose to be able to stand out. “Everyone wants ROSÉ SOLO and everyone knows how successful it will be and how great it will show Rosie's potiential. So start treating BLACKPINK better and give us the solos that you promised especially Chaeyoung!!,” said one fan. 

Meanwhile, another fan added, “What a shame. Biggest Kpop group with main vocalist having no solo.”