Rooster Teeth greenlights Rob McElhenney's animated horror-comedy series 'Spikeface'

Rooster Teeth greenlights Rob McElhenney's animated horror-comedy series 'Spikeface'
Rob McElhenney (Source : Getty Images)

Rob McElhenney, one of the acclaimed creators behind black comedy 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (IASIP),' is set to add another feather to his cap. Variety reports that Rooster Teeth has  been given the go-ahead for another one of the actor's dark comedies, 'Spikeface.'

'Spikeface,' which will be an animated series, will be produced by RCG, the production company set up by McElhenney and his fellow IASIP creators Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton and is set to premiere in 2019 on Rooster's Teeth's subscription-streaming service, First.

McElhenney will serve as executive producer for 'Spikeface' (Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The show will reportedly follow 'one of the world's great horror icons' who slaughters a couple at a roadside motel but has his life turned upside down when he discovers that his victims left behind a baby girl. He then raises the orphan as his own, much to the chagrin of his roommates, who also happen to be iconic horror villains.


Rooster Teeth creative officer Burnie Burns released a statement that addressed the greenlighting of 'Spikeface' that read: "So many of us at Rooster Teeth are huge fans of Rob and we can’t wait to help him and his team bring 'Spikeface' to life," cheekily adding that the deal "sends a really strong message to young people: if you study, work hard and produce over a decade of top-quality beloved network television programming, well then maybe you can get your own show on the internet too."

McElhenney will serve as executive producer for the eight-episode series based on the ideas of writers and fellow executive producers Geoff Barbanell and Itai Grunfeld. Also in as executive producers are 3 Arts Entertainment and Rooster Teeth co-founders Matt Hullum and Burnie Burns.

The casting and other details of 'Spikeface' have not been announced as of yet. Variety wrote that Rooster Teeth had announced nine other series and pilots which will premiere in the near future, including 'Motor Knight,' which will be co-produced with Internet animation group Flashgitz.


McElhenney is also currently directing and writing (with Jason Fuchs) Vertigo/Warner Bros.’ Minecraftmovie, slated for May 2019.

Nine more series and pilots are in the works for Rooster Teeth, including Motor Knight, co-produced with the internet animation group “Flashgitz” and an animated version of Million Dollars, and four new unscripted live-action shows featuring Let’s Play gaming groups Achievement Hunter and Funhaus, including The Weird Place, an unscripted reality show produced in partnership with iconic artist collective Meow Wolf that will be shot in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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