'Rooftop Prince' actor Park Yoo-chun's agency terminates contract after he tests positive for drugs

Actor Park Yoo-chun, most popular for playing the lead role in the SBS drama 'Rooftop Prince', is also reportedly retiring from the industry following the controversy

                            'Rooftop Prince' actor Park Yoo-chun's agency terminates contract after he tests positive for drugs
Actor Park Yoo-chun (Source : Getty Images)

Actor Park Yoo-chun's (aka Yoochun) agency, C-JeS Entertainment, announced on Wednesday that they have terminated the contract with the actor and also mentioned that he will retire. The agency confirmed that while they initially believed Yoochun, they decided to take this step after the media reported that the actor had tested positive for drugs by the National Forensic Service.

Their statement read, "We came to a conclusion that we won’t be able to recover our relationship of [mutual] trust with Park Yoochun and decided to terminate the exclusive contract."

Actor Park Yoo-Chun in 2016, when he was accused of sexual harassment. (Getty Images)

According to Soompi, the agency statement also added, "Just as Park Yoo-chun stated during the press conference, he will be retiring from the industry. Further scheduled promotional activities will be canceled, and he will follow according to the Department of Justice’s decision. The agency deeply acknowledges the gravity and responsibility for the matter. We will do our best to go through reform and take strict measures to prevent such an incident from arising again."

Actor Park Yu Chun has appeared in series such as the 'Rooftop Prince'. (Getty Images)

Hwang Ha Na, Yoochun's former fiance was already involved in the Burning Sun Scandal and was accused of using drugs in 2015. According to a report in UPI, Ha Na told police that she was lured into using drugs by Yoochun. The drug test was conducted as a result of the same.

Yoochun initially denied the allegations and one of the urine tests conducted turned out to be negative, but an arrest warrant was sought by the police when a drug test conducted using a sample of the actor's leg hair turned positive. He was also questioned about a CCTV footage the police had obtained, which showed the actor pick up something 20-30 minutes after he transferred money to an account that was believed to be owned by a drug dealer. The actor, however, claimed that he was paying for Ha Na. Additionally, the actor was also accused of sexual harassment by multiple women in 2016. 

The arrest warrant was sought on Tuesday. A court hearing regarding Yoochun's arrest is expected to be held as soon as possible. Reports of Ha Na also being tested positive for drugs had been published a couple of days ago, however, a few hours later the South Korean media reportedly pulled down the articles, according to allkpop. SBS was the first to report about the same, which was later translated by Japanese media.