French electronic artiste Rone releases new single 'Babel' composed with Ballet National de Marseille

French electronic artiste Rone releases new single 'Babel' composed with Ballet National de Marseille
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The French electronic music producer Erwan Castex, best known by his artistic moniker Rone, has worked with a number of big collaborators over the years, including Saul Williams, KAZU, Battles, Bryce Dessner of The National fame and even environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Rone's latest artistic collaboration features songs from his fifth album titled 'Room With A View' and looks like it will be just as huge. His new album was born out of a live show that was commissioned by the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris and features the work of the choreography collective (LA) HORDE and 20 dancers from the Ballet National de Marseille.

It's fair to say that the production of the show inspired the Frenchman's latest album and vice versa — one fed on the other. Inspired by discussions of collapsology and climate change, 'Room With A View' offers food for thought on how to deal with one of the most pressing issues that humanity currently faces. This album also sees Rone returning to his musical roots and the working set-up of his earlier albums: purely electronic and solely conceived without any musical collaborators.


Artwork for Rone's 'Room With A View' (press kit)

At the centerpiece of Rone's new 'Room with a View' show at the Chatelet is a dynamic new track called 'Babel', which released on February 26 (explicit & clean versions).
"I wanted to translate an energy, a feeling of urgency just with organic sounds of violins and synthesizers," Rone said. "The first demo had a cinematic side to it that I liked, but it was when I took part in the first rehearsals that I understood the direction 'Babel' was going to take."

The 20 dancers of Ballet National de Marseille troupe who feature on the show have been recruited from all over the world. Crystallizing the overflowing energy of the rehearsal sessions, Rone invited each of them to express themselves over a delicious cacophony of bad words in 'Babel' — their real meaning is less important than the astonishing musicality the actual song exudes.


With this new twist, the piece 'Babel' has become a decisive piece in the conception of the show 'Room with a View', which will premiere on March 5 and will be performed at the Théâtre du Chatelet for nine shows until March 14.

You can check out a teaser for the show here.


According to Rone's press release, the track 'Babel' marks "a transition in the narration of the show, the passage from a slow and hard moment to a solar moment, a positive energy where the bodies rise up in an anarchic and combative movement." If you want to listen to the track 'Babel' you can do so by clicking here. It will also be included on Rone's new album 'Room With A View' which will be released on April 24.


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