'If You Quit Listening, I'll Shut Up': Ron White's Netflix special lands the right punches

'If You Quit Listening, I'll Shut Up': Ron White's Netflix special lands the right punches

Ron 'Tater Salad' White is bringing his classic story-telling style of standup special, 'If You Quit Listening, I'll Shut Up,' to Netflix this week, and he is surely going to get you laughing your guts off. This is also his first stand-up special since his 2011's 'A Little Unprofessional'. 

If you have already seen his act, you'll be aware that he likes his comedy to be raw and unfiltered, as according to him no topic is taboo and off limits.

A founding member of the 'Blue Collar Comedy Tour', Ron sticks to his signature style with a cigar clamped beween his lips and a glass of tequila always within reach on a stool. He brings to play 30 years of experience in comedy in his Netflix debut, and talks about everything from how to avoid embarrassment if you are a bedwetter to his ex-wife's divorce lawyer to sex, and even how to build a net to keep out radical terrorist Canadian geese. 


The special opens up with the choicest of punchlines from his previous shows -- 'They Call Me Tater Salad' (2004), 'You Can't Fix Stupid' (2005), 'Behavioral Problems' (2009), and 'A Little Unprofessional' (2011).

A loud cheer filled the auditorium as Ron walks in with his signature cigar in his mouth and a drink in hand. Apart from his wide smile, the only props present on the vast stage was a carpet and simple stool that had his bottle and drink. Ron looked suave in his shiny suit and bouncy gray hair.

The crowd too seemed to be looking forward to his performance as it didn't take long for them to be in fits of laughter. Ron opened the show self-deprecatingly, joking how he has changed with time, from growing up in a small town to living currently in Beverly Hills with his wife in a house that has exotic Japanese toilets.

Describing himself as a 61-year-old raging alcoholic, Ron follows suit with a couple of his old jokes, used in his previous shows, especially the one about drunk driving. Laughing and smiling along with the audience in between his jokes, it becomes apparent that he was enjoying the show just as much as the audience. 


The main characteristic which stands out in Ron's comedy is the sheer number of topics he covers, unlike  most comedians plying their trade these days, who just stick to one particular topic through their entire show. He joked about how he ran for president and his traumatic experience with Canadian geese that hilariously turned into an ongoing joke. 

While there is no doubt that Ron does not mind and loves dropping the 'F-bomb' throughout his show, he is surely not afraid to talk about anything under the sun. He spoke about everything from marriage to gay love to sex and politics.

He surely didn't sugar coat any of his opinions or language, though some might find it offensive and  not appreciate his straight talks, or R -rated style. But that does not matter to Ron. This is another thing that makes him stand out among other comedians, who are very careful of what they speak. 

One thing that was very clear during his set is his ability to take something as simple as tacos and turn it into a sexual joke that can send the audience into hysterical laughter.

He can take anything and turn it into a joke, something that people look forward to when they go for a stand-up special and Ron surely delivered it as well. Throughout his set, he also shows great stage presence instead of standing or sitting in one place. He takes his set two steps further and showcases actions and positions related to each topic in his set. 

Ron White - Netflix
Ron White - Netflix

The only minor set back is his old material. Though he did come up with new material for the show, quite a bit of it was old material which was interpersed throughout. This is something that you don't see most established comedians doing, as they always come up with fresh material, especially for a special.

While many comics might prefer a rapid-fire delivery through their show to keep the audience constantly laughing, Ron, on the other hand, delivers his jokes and keeps the laughs coming without breaking a sweat. Although some might find his work slow, it is just a method of building momentum for his show. 

The delivery of his jokes was quite subtle, and he had a smooth way of seguing from one topic to another, without leaving the audience hanging in a blank space.

The jokes were mostly from different stages of his life -- his childhood, his married life and the life he is currently living. He doesn't shy away from talking about anything, and we can see that the audience also loves that side of him.

He even used some of his famous punchlines from his previous shows like, 'You Can't Fix Stupid' and 'Tater Salad'. And even though it seemed kind of old and something that had been heard before, the audience sure loved it. 

Ending his set, Ron says his usual line, thanking the crowd for their presence hoping they enjoyed the show as much as he did. The crowd erupts in cheer and gives him a standing ovation as he exited the stage, carrying the bottle of tequila and glass in his hand, along with the cigar in his mouth. Judging from the standing ovation he received and the full house, Ron received high praise from the entire audience which makes his Netflix debut a surefire success. 

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