Ron Reagan calls Trumps 'a bunch of grifters in the White House', says his father would have been 'horrified'

Ron Reagan calls Trumps 'a bunch of grifters in the White House', says his father would have been 'horrified'
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The youngest son of former US President Ronald Reagan, Ron Reagan, has slammed President Donald Trump and his family while calling them "grifters". The 62-year-old also claimed that if his father were alive, the condition of the Republican party would have left him “horrified”.

Ron was speaking to CNN’s Ana Cabrera on ‘Newsroom’ Sunday, October 18, when he was questioned about the way the children of the POTUS have been campaigning for their father’s re-election and also their involvement in the current administration. “They’re certainly entitled to campaign for their dad. When you cross the line is ― I hate to say it here, I don’t mean to be blunt, but we’ve got a bunch of grifters in the White House. They’re treating this as a grift,” he said.

The liberal political commentator also claimed that the Trump clan was mingling business, pleasure and statecraft. “They’re using the hotels and the golf clubs to profit off the presidency,” he added. In addition, Ron did not hold back from blasting first daughter, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, both of whom have been at high-level positions at the White House. He said that the wife-husband duo has “no qualifications whatsoever” for the position they are enjoying as he continued, “They’re using it to make money, basically.”

Ron blamed Trump for the current situation of the Republican party and said: “When I think of my father, I think of words like integrity, decency, dignity, honor, and patriotism — not nationalism but patriotism — all of those qualities are in very short supply in this White House. And, frankly, the Republican party has been complicit in degrading those values.” He also added that his father would be shocked to see the GOP’s “spinelessness in the face of this pathological entity in the White House.”

Earlier in 2020, as per an interview published by The Daily Beast, Ron said, “My father would have been ashamed of this Republican Party. He would have been embarrassed and ashamed that a president of the United States was as incompetent and traitorous as the man occupying the White House now. He’s a disgrace to the office of the presidency. It is perhaps the most dangerous time for our republic in my lifetime, perhaps since the Civil War. If there is a second Trump administration, he’s going to feel liberated to do whatever he wants to do. He’ll try and go for the third, fourth, however long he lasts. He wants to be president for life. It would keep him out of jail, for one thing.”

Reagan was also a Republican like Trump, and there is a possibility that many people did not agree with his ideology, but Ron said, “At least my father held the office with a degree of dignity and class. This man has none of that.” At the time, the staunch critic of the POTUS stated that if his father would be here today, he would tell Republican voters in 2020 that “our nation is at a real turning point. Our republic is in danger. Democracy is in danger, and we need to put somebody else in the White House because this man is betraying the country every single day he occupies the Oval Office.”


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 Ron Reagan believes Trump and his family is using his presidency as ‘grift’