Romperjack on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and where to buy men's rompers?

If you've been looking to spice up your wardrobe, Romperjack has your back!

                            Romperjack on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and where to buy men's rompers?
Romperjack founders Justin Clark and Wyatt Thompson on 'Shark Tank' (Christopher Willard/ABC)

For the entrepreneurs on 'Shark Tank', there is no telling when inspiration might strike. Sometimes, their ideas help fill a void, while others rely on innovation. However, some just realize there might be a lack of a certain kind of product with high demand and thus decide to fill that void. That's exactly how Romperjack came to be, and now, they're all set to dominate the world of men's fashion.

But, the question remains — do they have what it takes to impress Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Guest Shark, Peter Jones? Let's find out!


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What is Romperjack?

If you've been looking for ways to bring some playful fun elements to your wardrobe, Romperjack's wide range of men's rompers will help you do just that! As per the website, "Romperjack is a Men's Premium Male Romper and Jumpsuit brand. Our rompers have the perfect tapered fit and are designed to be stylish for every occasion."


Who are the founders?

Justin Clark and Wyatt Thompson are the founders of Romperjack. In an article by Starter Story, Clark mentioned that he was an entrepreneur and had started an app called Whiz Tutor before joining medical school. But while browsing through Kickstarter, he noticed that a brand named Romphim managed to raise $330,000 instead of their goal of $10,000 in just three days. That's when Clark decided that men's rompers were the way to go and created Romperjack. "The first thing that popped in my head was product-market fit. They had this instant explosive traction and they didn't have a single competitor," Clark said.

"So I gave them a competitor, MEEEE" he explained. "I remember that day calling a couple of friends and quickly asking them for some funding that would be used to help design the rompers and buy inventory. After about a minute of me pitching them, they all happily agreed. My other Whiz Tutor Co-founders all agreed to help as well," Clark added.


What is the cost and where to buy?

You can purchase Romperjack apparel from its website. The brand is currently having a sale, with rompers retailing from $69 onwards.

Where is Romperjack now?

Romperjack has certainly made waves, seeing that it has been featured in publications such as GQ, Esquire, and Buzzfeed.


Who will steal the deal?

Seeing that Romperjack is an apparel brand, there is a good chance that Daymond John might be the one to take the bait as he is a leading expert in the industry. But if their numbers aren't impressive, there is a good chance he might turn them down too!

Daymond John with a gnome from Wendy's Gnome Shop (Shark Tank/ ABC)


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'Shark Tank' Season 13 Episode 11 airs on ABC on January 14, 2022, at 8 pm ET