Crowded escalator malfunctions and suddenly hurtles downward leaving a pile of injured people

Local media has reported that the escalator started malfunctioning after Russian football fans were spotted 'singing and jumping on it' which caused it to collapse

                            Crowded escalator malfunctions and suddenly hurtles downward leaving a pile of injured people

By Varsha Vasudevan

An escalator at one particular metro station in Rome, Italy, sent dozens of people hurtling into each other at a horrifying speed after it went out of control. The incident took place on October 23 before the Champions League match took place in the evening in the country's capital city. This footage from the Republica underground metro station was captured on camera and then posted on social media and it soon became viral.

The station was practically flooded with fans of CSKA Moscow as they all made their way toward the Stadio Olimpico for the match between the Russian team and Roma. The local media has reported that the escalator's speed started malfunctioning after the Russian fans were spotted "singing and jumping on it" which caused it to collapse, the Daily Mail reported.


One of the witnesses said that they "had just witnessed a scene from the apocalypse" after they saw multiple football fans violently crashing into each other at the base of the escalator. La Republica reported that at least 20 people were injured at the incident with the foot of one fan partially severed and seven others sustained serious injuries.

The shocking footage was posted on Twitter by a Russian fan. The video shows the escalator running at a phenomenal speed causing people to pile up at the bottom helplessly. Most of those who were injured in the incident were Russian but according to the newspaper, a small number of those caught in the crowd were Italian.


The station has since been closed and emergency services were spotted at the scene taking injured fans away to safety. Pictured at the scene of the incident were dozens of beer bottles in and around the metro station after the fans who were carrying them dropped them in complete panic.

More than 100 firefighters were sent to the metro station where the incident was probably caused because the last few steps of the escalator had caved in. Rome's Mayor, Virginia Raggi, visited the closed metro station and said that local transport authority has opened an investigation. Raggi told the local reporters who were at the scene: "From what witnesses have said, it seems that some fans were jumping and dancing on the stairs."