'Romance is a Bonus Book' weekend review: Dan-yi finds a trove of notes about Kang Byeong-jun at Eun-ho's house

'Romance is a Bonus Book' over the weekend took an unexpected turn as Dan-yi found the truth about author Kang Byeong-jun through a diary that he had left behind

                            'Romance is a Bonus Book' weekend review: Dan-yi finds a trove of notes about Kang Byeong-jun at Eun-ho's house

In the weekend episodes — 13 and 14 — of 'Romance is a Bonus Book', Dan-yi's character finds herself going through a lot in terms of work and her personal life. She resigns as the contract worker in Eun-ho's publishing company.

With the help of Ms Go, she finds a job in a different publishing company but soon realizes that her boss in the new company makes her do tasks that are not part of her job. She also grows closer to Eun-ho and there are many romantic moments to make fans of Eun-ho and Dan-yi happy.


In the beginning, Dan-yi is not aware of what is happening between Ms Go and Eun-ho regarding her employment. She prepares for the company competition and, along with the other two newbies, she makes her submission as well, despite being a contract worker.

The marketing department head, Ms Seo, discusses with the other department heads and the CEO the possibility of transferring Dan-yi to her team after seeing her enthusiasm. However, it comes to light that Dan-yi is not eligible as she omitted her graduation details from her resume. Dan-yi hears about this from Ms Seo and feels bad for Eun-ho. She tells him not to worry and, over a text message, tells him to consider that she has been informed about her contract being voided. Eun-ho, on the other hand, doesn't want Dan-yi to give up as it is not illegal to remove information from the resume. 


The next day at work, not only has Ms Go found the truth about Dan-yi lying on the resume, but the entire office has come to know the truth about her.

A colleague then blames Dan-yi of forgetting an important task in front of Ms Go and Dan-yi is not able to hold it all in and hands in her resignation. Hae-rin informs Eun-ho about Dan-yi's decision. He hurriedly leaves his lecture to be by her side. The two spend a day in and Eun-ho comforts Dan-yi.

She doesn't stay low for long and, surprisingly, with the help of Ms Go, finds a job at a smaller publishing company. It is only later that she realises that her bosses are not what they seem. They make her do things that are not a part of her job and, to forget that, she starts cleaning up Eun-ho's house over the weekend and finds a box full things that belonged to author Byeong-jun. After putting together different notes that the author made about his day before his disappearance and, at the end of the episode, she realises the truth.


'Romance is a Bonus Book' has all the right elements of romance, which is heightened by the chemistry between Eun-ho and Dan-yi. As the show nears its ending, however, the track of author Kang Byeong-jun is starting to seem half-hearted.

From when the show began, the author's arc has been underdeveloped and even a big moment, such as Dan-yi finding the truth about the disappearance of her favourite author, lacks drama. So, the big reveal doesn't necessarily come across as a major plot twist.

While one would have expected the truth to affect Dan-yi and Eun-ho's relationship one way or another, it might turn out to be a mere handicap to provide the protagonist with a traumatic past — something that the audiences have come to expect of a strong male lead.

If this was not the case, Seo-joon, the second male lead's character, would have been more developed and he would have also spent more time understanding what happened to Byeong-jun than trying to woo Dan-yi.

While it looked like Seo-joon would play a pivotal role from his first encounter with Eun-ho, the character's arc has not been very impressive.