'Romance is a Bonus Book' episode 11: Eun-ho and Dan-yi's relationship is bound to change after the kiss

'Romance is a Bonus Book' will take an interesting turn in episode 11 after Eun-ho's heartfelt confession to Dan-yi and the kiss at the end of episode 10

                            'Romance is a Bonus Book' episode 11: Eun-ho and Dan-yi's relationship is bound to change after the kiss

'Romance is a Bonus Book' episode 10 left fans swooning after Eun-ho planted a kiss on Dan-yi. After many episodes of teasing fans with the overwhelming love that Eun-ho had for Dan-yi, we also saw him confess his feelings for her. In the upcoming episode, their relationship will change and it will be exciting to see how. The teaser shared by tvN features Eun-ho trying to get intimate with Dan-yi, who looks flustered with his love. 

She tries to hide from him when he calls out for her, she even throws things at him every time he tries to act cute. There is also a scene where Dan-yi is applying medicine on Eun-ho's wounds and it looks super cheesy.

He asks her, "do you still see me as a younger friend?" Eun-ho also realizes that Dan-yi has feelings for him and there is a moment between the two in the car that is sure to make fans very happy.

Seo-joon and Hae-rin's relationship will also take an interesting turn as the two continue to work in close quarters for an upcoming book. Eun-ho spots them comfortably resting together and has a broad smile on his face, probably thinking that Seo-joon might stop being a hurdle to his relationship with Dan-yi if things work out between his colleagues.


Over the weekend, we saw how Eun-ho was called by a caretaker and he rushed off to a house, away from the city. He sees an old man, who is hurt and tied to the bed. He first removes the rope and breaks down at the condition of his mentor. The doctor who comes to check up on the author lauds him for taking care of his professor so well. He stays with the man, reads to him and is so stressed that he falls sick. The upcoming episode will now throw more light on Eun-ho's professor-mentor, author Kang Byeong-jun's condition. Why does Eun-ho want to hide a celebrated author in a house way out of town and how will he explain calling him his father to CEO of Georyoo Kim Jae-min?

We will also look forward to understanding why book designer Seo-joon is looking into the disappearance of the author without anyone knowing. Is he actually the son of the author? It will be interesting to see what happens when Eun-ho's secret comes to light. He has hidden it even from Dan-yi, who knows everything about him. Dan-yi's relationship with Seo-joon will also go through a bender if she accepts the feelings that she has for Eun-ho.



There is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming episode of 'Romance in a Bonus Book', which will be aired on Saturday and Sunday on Netflix.