'Romance is a Bonus Book' episode 11, 12 review: Eun-ho wins Dan-yi over, they finally go out on a date!

'Romance is a Bonus Book' weekend episodes finally brought Cha Eun-ho and Kang Dan-yi together on their first date. However, not everything is going as Eun-ho planned.

                            'Romance is a Bonus Book' episode 11, 12 review: Eun-ho wins Dan-yi over, they finally go out on a date!

'Romance is a Bonus Book' weekend episodes have left us wondering what Cha Eun-ho is hiding from everyone. The episodes also brought Eun-ho and Dan-yi together on their first date finally. The only conflict that remains unsolved is the one between Eun-ho, Seo-joon and author Kang Byeong-jun's mysterious retirement. It is clear that Eun-ho is trying to keep a promise that he made to the author while suffering from the consequences. What is not clear, however, is Seo-joon's connection to the author. 


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Initially, Dan-yi tries to tell herself that she is not attracted to Eun-ho and only sees him as a good friend of hers. However, Eun-ho's antics don't help her live in denial. When Eun-ho asks her why dating him is a bad idea, she says he is high maintenance, that they know each other inside out and that would make dating boring between them. She also worries about what would happen if the two were to break up. She tells him that he is her only support who has been present through thick and thin and so she doesn't want to ruin their relationship. Eun-ho, instead says that everything she did tell him only goes to prove that she really does like him. She slowly warms up to the idea of dating Eun-ho. 

In the meanwhile, Dan-yi also informs and Seo-joon that she doesn't think she could date him anymore and would like to remain friends with him. Seo-joon is disappointed but tells her that he will remain a bookmarked page that she can return to anytime that she wants. Hae-rin realizes that Euh-ho has feelings for Dan-yi, while Ms Go comes to know the truth about Dan-yi's applications. She calls Eun-ho to inform him and is surprised to know that he knows the truth about her. She asks for Dan-yi to be fired and Eun-ho's heart sinks as Dan-yi has just got back on her feet. He tries to find a way out for Dan-yi, but hasn't succeeded so far.


Instead, he tries to take Dan-yi out for dinner, by casually suggesting a nice place (usually for dates) and is ecstatic when she says yes. And so, Eun-ho and Dan-yi went on their first date. The scene of the two them sitting in a movie theater, as Eun-ho tries to get close to Dan-yi so that she can hold his hands is adorable and the ensuing conversation that the two of them have set the tone of their relationship to come. 


When the Dan-yi and Eun-ho return home, Dan-yi mentions in passing that it is interesting that Seo-joon's birthday is on April 23. Eun-ho is puzzled and she explains how April 23 happens to be the title of author Kang Byeong-jun's last book. A book that is surrounded by a lot of speculations and rumors regarding the author's disappearance. This sparks his interest and he remembers his first encounter with Seo-joon who has made allegations regarding the author's disappearance. He digs up the original manuscript of the book and realizes that April 23 was not the originally intended title. So now, Eun-ho has a mystery to solve - is Seo Joon connected to his professor in any way?  We will have to wait till next weekend to know what happens next.