Rogue pit bull chases down and attacks group of children, leaves three injured and hospitalized

Distressing video shows a pit bull attacking people on a public street, including children who were playing there

                            Rogue pit bull chases down and attacks group of children, leaves three injured and hospitalized
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Pit bulls have an unfortunate and often unwarranted reputation of being a so-called 'aggressive breed' that can neither be tamed nor domesticated because of the n number of reports we see on media on how they attack both strangers and their owners without provocation. That reputation is not likely to be helped by this latest story that is emerging from India. 

A horrifying attack caught on video in New Delhi, which also happens to be India's capital city, the pit bull can be seen chasing down a small boy, before then latching on to him. The dog refuses to let go even as terrified spectators beat it down, and local reports indicate that the incident took place on March 28. 

At the beginning of the footage, which was captured by a CCTV camera in the neighborhood, the grey-and white pit bull is in the periphery of the frame, seemingly minding its own business. Some children can also be seen sitting around on the steps of an apartment.

But without warning, the dog sprints towards the children, causing havoc and making them all flee for safety. While most of them manage to evade the charge, one boy is slow to react. He tries to make a last-ditch escape but is caught on the leg by the ravenous pit. 

He desperately attempts to shield himself from the dog's attack, as horrified onlookers are caught in a daze and helplessly watch. One woman then runs into the frame to his rescue and tries to pull the pit off him, but to little avail.

As people in the neighborhood continue to spectate the gruesome attack, another man joins the woman in trying to pull the animal away from the child. The woman is on the ground at this point, trying to grapple with the dog, and finally, more people join the melee and try to rescue the boy

One picks up a stick and begins beating the dog, also hitting the child in the process a few times. But the pit still refuses to let go. Two more men then try to help, one picking up a nearby chair, and another picking up a massive yardstick, and begin having a go as well. 

The pit finally relents, releasing the child from its grip, but it now has a new target. It sets its eyes on the man who was attacking it with the chair. As the boy is ushered away from the scene, the pit chases down the man into a shop.

It then makes its way out into the street and goes after yet another woman. The woman manages to hide behind a nearby truck. It is unclear whether more of the bystanders were attacked after the conclusion of the footage.

The attack reportedly left three children leaving treatment at a hospital, though none are said to be suffering life-threatening injuries. Police have said that the dog belonged to a local man who kept it unchained so it would chase away unwanted visitors. They have confirmed that action will be taken against the owner.

Stray dogs and monkeys have become an urgent issue to be addressed in New Delhi and attacks are commonplace. To curb the menace, the Delhi High Court directed authorities to prepare a plan to control their population in February.

While not all pit bulls are aggressive or prone to such violent attacks, the sheer volume of attacks by the breed points to some inherent trait that makes it more susceptible to such lapses in behavior and begs the question of whether they are truly trainable.