Rod Stewart may have been a ladies man but says he 'would never touch a girl unless she wanted' him to

Rod Stewart talks about knowing his boundaries and how to treat a woman right. He insists he has always been a 'gentleman'.

                            Rod Stewart may have been a ladies man but says he 'would never touch a girl unless she wanted' him to
Rod Stewart (Getty Images)

In the time of MeToo movement, it has become important for everyone to look at their behavior and especially how women have been treated by men in the past. British rock singer Rod Stewart wants to keep himself in the safe zone and insists that he has always been a 'gentleman' when it comes to a woman even though you may have seen him often being the center of attention with regards to female fans.

Rod insists he was always a gentleman (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

In a Q&A session at the British Film Institute, the singer confessed that he got tired of all the female fans throwing themselves at him. Reflecting at how the female fans treated him in the late 1960s, early 1970s, he said, "Women literally used to throw themselves at us. It really was, ‘Oh not again tonight, Ronnie’." Even though it might have changed now, Rod did confess that back in the days things were different. 

"It has changed," he said. “I can only speak from my perspective, but as a rock and roll singer, I used to show off with the girls.” Despite this, he never forgot how a woman should be treated and made sure that he was on his best behavior. 

Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

“I would never touch a girl unless she wanted me to. Things have changed. You could get away with a bit more in those days than you can now and things have changed for the good," he said. During the interview, Rod was asked if there was any piece of advise he would like to give his 19-year old self and the singer was certain that he did everything right. 

 “I think he did everything right," he said. "I think I was very respectful of the audience. There were never any tantrums. What would I teach myself? F*** all. I admire myself. I had a bit of spunk about me. I love that." Rod also spoke about having done a surgery in order to remove some cells on his skin. “I have just had a little operation on my hand. I had a couple of sun things there and they burnt them off," he said.

He also added that through all this, his wife, Penny Lancaster had been supportive and was his "diamond." "I have been married three times and I say this with all honesty, I have got a great woman now," he said. "Maybe it is because I am a little bit older and I understand women a lot better than I used to. But I have got a diamond by my side now. She really is and I can’t say any more than that.”