Rockers Trapt accused of condoning pedophilia as they aren't 'outraged' by sex between 15-year-old student and teacher

The rock band's account later tried to give an example of the age difference between French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife to defend their suggestion

                            Rockers Trapt accused of condoning pedophilia as they aren't 'outraged' by sex between 15-year-old student and teacher
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American rock band Trapt is being slammed on social media for allegedly condoning rape and pedophilia after the band's official Twitter account on Sunday, December 6, suggested that a 15-year-old male and a 25-year-old female engaging in sexual intercourse is not pedophilia.

The Trapt account tweeted: "A 15 year old male and a 25 year old female is not pedophilia, you fu***ng moron." After widespread outrage, the account defended their tweet, writing: "All the people quote tweeting this tweet are so dumb. Saying that it doesn’t outrage me to hear of a story about mid 20’s female teacher and her student does not mean I condone pedophilia. Then what is 25 and 5?! Pedophilia PLUS? You people are insane. Liberal twitter that is."


The account later tried to give an example of the French first couple to back his suggestions, adding: "All you loonie liberals need to look up France’s President Macron and how he met his wife and at what age Then tell me how you feel about all that."


Soon after Trapt's controversial tweets, many Twitter users denounced the band for allegedly condoning pedophilia and rape. One user wrote: "The Trapt guy literally coming out in support of pedophilia/rape is the most peak 2020 that will ever happen." Another wrote: "I seriously didn't think my day was going to end with the rock Trapt supporting pedophilia. 2020 doesn't stop being fucking weird." A third wrote: "Somehow we missed Trapt spending the lords day defending pedophilia."






One user suggested that the tweets from the official account were written by the band's lead singer Chris Taylor Brown: "The lead singer of Trapt said he would high five his 14-year-old kid if he found out he was molested just wanna put that out there." A fifth wrote: "trapt is defending statutory rape on their public and verified twitter account lmao??? what the fuck??? and twitter is just gonna let that happen???" One said: "I'm going to bed. Trapt belongs in the garbage. Keep calling out shit like this y'all." Another wrote: "Here is #Trapt at their least headstrong I would say. Where were you when you learned that Trapt is okay with pedophilia as long as it's a boy and a woman woman? He knows he's right because the justice system agrees with him. The justice system of course has no conceivable flaws"








Trapt, an American rock bank formed in Los Gatos, California, consists of lead vocalist Chris Taylor Brown, bassist Pete Charell, and guitarist Brendan Hengle. The band has reportedly eight studio albums till now: Amalgamation (1999), Trapt (2002), Someone in Control (2005), Only Through the Pain (2008), No Apologies (2010), Reborn (2013), DNA (2016), and Shadow Work (2020). The rock band is best known for their 2002 hit song "Headstrong". The band's social media accounts, believed to be run by Brown, has often come under criticism for lashing out and attacking others, reports state. The band's Facebook account was denounced in 2015 for writing a comment which included homophobic insults towards internet musician Rob Scallon. 

The band, last month, had also threatened lawsuit against Facebook after the social media giant deleted the band's account from its site for posting far-right content related to the Proud Boys.

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