'Robin 80th Anniversary 100 Page Super Spectacular' Preview: Celebrating the greatest sidekick in DC history

'Robin 80th Anniversary 100 Page Super Spectacular' Preview: Celebrating the greatest sidekick in DC history
(Lee Weeks/DC Comics)

It's been 80 years since the first appearance of Robin, introducing the Boy Wonder to the DC Universe. From then on, Batman has never worked alone again. Robin was the start of Batman's extended team. Over the decades, there have been many young Gotham heroes to don the red, yellow and green in service of the Bat-family and the protection of Gotham. Every one of them a hero.

The most famous sidekick of them all is a role that's been taken up by several young heroes, and is currently held by Bruce Wayne's own son, Damian. To celebrate the long legacy of the Robin name, DC is releasing a 100-page super-spectacular and has released a preview, which you can check here.

The solicitation reads: "DC Comics celebrates Robin the Boy Wonder’s 80th anniversary in style with an all-star creative team representing each iteration of the iconic character across eight decades of history! From the high-flying adventures of Dick Grayson to the tragedy of Jason Todd, the enthusiasm of Tim Drake and the arrogance of Damian Wayne, the persistence of Stephanie Brown and the rebelliousness of Carrie Kelley—the mantle of Robin has been worn by many, but always represents one thing: a hero."

The preview features the current Robin, Damian Wayne, and is a tribute to him as told from the perspective of his friend and fellow Super Son, Jonathan Kent/Superboy.

Like the other DC anniversary celebration issues, this special-sized issue will contain stories from a wide collection of DC creators, all telling the high-flying stories of the greatest sidekick legacy in comic book history. The comic book is written by Tom King, James Tynion IV, Peter J Tomasi, Tim Seeley, Robbie Thompson, Marv Wolfman, Adam Glass, Chuck Dixon, Judd Winick, Devin Grayson, Amy Wolfram and others. It is drawn by Andy Kubert, Frank Miller, Tom Grummett, Mikel Janín, Kenneth Rocafort, Javi Fernandez, Scott McDaniel, Nicola Scott, Dustin Nguyen, Freddie E Williams II and others. The spectacular will release with several covers, each dedicated to a specific decade in the young superhero's life. 

'Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular' #1 releases on March 18, wherever comics are sold.

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