Batman or Fatman? Robert Pattinson slammed for 'betrayal of the character' after saying he doesn't work out

In a recent interview, the actor, who is celebrating his 34th birthday on May 13, spoke about not working out and fans feel betrayed

                            Batman or Fatman? Robert Pattinson slammed for 'betrayal of the character' after saying he doesn't work out
Robert Pattinson (Getty Images)

Ever heard of a Batman who doesn't flex his muscles to punch and thump all the goons? No? Well, you might as well get set to see one soon. If your disappointment bells haven't started ringing yet, wait until you hear what Robert Pattinson, who is taking on the role of the Caped Crusader, has to say.

In a recent GQ interview, the actor — who is celebrating his 34th birthday on May 13 — spoke about training for the forthcoming Matt Reeves' film and said when it comes to working out during the lockdown for The Batman, “I’m just barely doing anything.” Not just that, he added that he called his co-star Zoë Kravitz and found out she is exercising five days a week to prepare for her role as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman.

Not just that, Pattinson jokingly confessed how during his 'Twilight' days, “the one time they told me to take my shirt off, I think they told me to put it back on again,” and even said, “I think if you’re working out all the time, you’re part of the problem.”

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As soon as fans heard about it on Twitter, they couldn't stop trolling him. "I’m sorry but this is simply a betrayal of the character. Bruce Wayne spends hours each day working out. He has to in order to do what he does. For you to not put in the time and effort just shows that you don’t respect the material or you’re just lazy. #RobertPattinson #Batman," one hard-core fan posted, and another wrote, "I’ve seen more dedication and respect from Alicia Vikander to the Tomb Raider franchise. You’re about to take on one of the most recognized and cherished heroes in the world and you can’t be bothered... #DCU #dccomics."

Talking about how he isn't "serious" for the role, one fan said, "I got to wonder if he's taking this role seriously. I get working out all the time isn't something that important to many roles. But Batman's character is built around fitness. It's a huge part. He constantly works to improve himself physically, mentally, and intellectually." Labeling him a "loser," one fan said, "Still don’t understand, of all the possible actors, why they picked this loser to be the next Batman. I can already tell it’s gonna be awesome..."

One worried fan went on to post, "I sure hope Pattinson doesn't spoil the hard work that Matt Reeves is putting in to make this film as accurate to the comics as possible." Another said, "I just read #RobertPattinson isn't working out during quarantine because he doesn't feel like it. My anticipation of #THEBATMAN just dropped by 30% lol."

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Comparing him to Ben Affleck and Christian Bale — who had a proper routine for their workout sessions, one fan said, "I feel like he’s not as invested as Affleck and Bale were." One even said he was just "lazy." "That just sounds lazy. I understand not wanting to worsen men’s body image issues, but exercise is important for your health."

Many others were deeply irked by his indifference. "Get his point of view, but it doesn't really work in the role of a character that is supposed to be swinging, climbing & jumping off rooftops & doing hand to hand combat. Batman needs to be fit to be able to do all this & fight against criminals & villains. Knew he'd not do it justice," one said and another posted, "Doesn't work out? #Batman is not super-powered! He needs to be in shape to be the ninja beast that Gotham deserves/ needs. Pattinson is #NotMyBatman."

Calling him a "clown," one Batman buff wrote, "Somebody assassinate this clown before he ruins Batman  why would he accept this role when he’s like six foot and 140lbs." Another said, "Translation: I’m too lazy and it’s too much work. I mean, Batman does some hero size feats of strength, tough to do with no muscle - he’s not superman. This is how actors get blacklisted, paid A LOT of $$$, do what the ask!"

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What's more, many fans gave him hilarious nicknames. "Stoked to see lanky Batman," one wrote and another said, "Battinson: Unbothered QuaranKing." One fan mocked him saying, "After quarantine, they might as well rename the movie to Fatman." Another gave the movie a new tag line: "Skinny hipster brooding Batman pining for Catwoman chach. Got it. 'The Batman: Twilight Begins'."

One said, "From one extreme to another. From buff, stiff Batman to potential contortionist Batman," and another wrote, "Since Ben Affleck was nicknamed Batfleck. I am going to call #RobertPattinson as Pattman. Happy Birthday, Pattman."

Another fan said, "When you hire the twink from Twilight, you get a twink Batman. Simples," and one posted, "WTF. Bruce Wayne is supposed to be a superior athlete and jacked. That’s the whole point of his character, he works out and trains to become the legendary Batman. Fuck this guy and his stupid PC statement."

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Amidst all the trolling, a few loyal Pattinson fans stood up for him. "He's an actor. Most of his action scenes are gonna be played by a stunt double. We already had bts showing a stunt double riding his motorbike. He probably only needs to be buffed in one scene for the show. He's armored Batsuit also makes him look bigger," one said.

Another wrote, "Why does he need to be big? They went against the norm with Arthur Fleck in Joker, as he started as a normal guy with no criminal intentions, rather than being introduced as the ‘prince of crime’. Change can be good."

"The man is already fit, all Batmen don’t have to be big and buff y’know. I really have faith in his Batman. I swear, I believe," one said.

As the debate heats up on Twitter, one question comes to the mind: Is it really justified to stop working out just because we're all locked in our homes? After all, there are umpteen home workouts available on the internet, and most actors have the privilege to access all kinds of equipment, don't they?

The movie is slated for an October 1, 2021 release.