'X Factor': Simon Cowell backtracked on £3 million deal with Olly Murs for Robbie Williams?

Simon Cowell was extremely keen to have Olly Murs join the judging panel of X Factor, after he axed him as host in 2015.

                            'X Factor': Simon Cowell backtracked on £3 million deal with Olly Murs for Robbie Williams?
(L-R) Simon Cowell and Robbie Williams (Source: Getty Images)

Simon Cowell reportedly offered Olly Murs a grand sum of £3 million to judge the popular reality TV show 'X Factor.' However, he rescinded the offer as soon as Robbie Williams agreed to come on board, reports Mirror. Simon was extremely keen to make ex-contestant Olly, a member of the 'X Factor' cast, after he cut him as the host in 2015. In an interview with Mirror, a source from 'X Factor' said, “We’re all huge fans of Olly’s, but Robbie is one of the biggest stars in the world. When the opportunity came for him to join, we couldn’t pass it up.”

Olly, 34, was ready to accept the offer if he would be allowed to remain on 'The Voice' - a rival show. An insider told Mirror: “Olly said he’d do 'X Factor' on the condition - he could stay on 'The Voice' - which he loves.” But when Robbie and his wife Ayda Field decided to join the panel of judges on 'X Factor', things took a turn, because the final judge needed to be female.

The source also claimed that the bosses on ‘The Voice’ were not particularly enthusiastic about the deal Olly was about to accept. They were prepared to drop him, if the deal fell through, for the worried viewers would get tired of seeing him. However, Robbie’s decision was music to their ears, who were reportedly high-fiving on Olly staying.

Robbie and Ayda have not formally signed a contract with Simon, but speaking on ‘This Morning’ Robbie said: "So, I would understand that if people read the reports then they would think that I was doing the 'X Factor' and my wife was doing the 'X Factor'. As it happens, people say that every year, we always say, 'No comment'."

After being asked if Simon was asking him to keep things on the down low to increase speculation and talk, Robbie finally said: "Yeah, there is a lot of me that would love to do it too, but as it happens, people are talking, but there's nothing signed.”

Olly’s journey in the music industry propelled when he finished second on season 6 of the 'X Factor' in 2009. Robbie and Olly have been close friends from the time the two duetted in the finale of 'X Factor' in 2009. Since then, Olly has won several awards and produced songs that have been chart toppers. His most popular tunes include ‘Dance With Me Tonight,’ ‘Troublemaker’ and ‘Up.’ He is currently signed to RCA Records & Sony Music UK in the United Kingdom, Columbia Records in the United States.