Rob Kardashian threatens 'to take Blac Chyna to court' over her wild fight at Six Flags

Rob Kardashian is ready to take Blac Chyna to the court and try to get full custody of their daughter Dream.

                            Rob Kardashian threatens 'to take Blac Chyna to court' over her wild fight at Six Flags
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Blac Chyna got into a wild fight at the Six Flags and even though she claims that she did it to "protect" her children, Rob Kardashian is worried for the safety of their daughter, Dream. According to TMZ, the 31-year-old is “increasingly worried about his daughter’s health and safety” after video of Blac throwing a toy car at a woman surfaced on the internet. 

According to the website, Rob wants "clear rules" for Blac about what she “can and can't do when the child is present.” At the same time, it seems like Rob is not happy with the fact that Blac's 18-year-old boyfriend, YBN Almighty Jay, is spending time with his daughter when it has just been few months into their relationship. He wants rules to be introduced that prevents either of their partners to meet Dream until they have hit the six-month mark.

If it this wasn't it, Rob also plans on reducing the amount of child support which he gives Blac every month. He is reportedly seeking to reduce £14,000 from child support. This is based on the argument that they split the custody of Blac 50/50 and adds that she makes more than him. This entire incident rises after video of Blac got into an altercation with a woman while she was at Six Flags Magic Mountain. In the video, she was seen swinging a pink stroller. The video instantly went viral. After the incident came to light, Blac released a statement that her actions were justified because she wanted to protect her children.

Taking to her SnapChat and Instagram on April 2, Blac spoke about how hard it is for one to be famous and confessed that she won't think twice when it comes to protecting her kids. "Being famous is hard enough dealing with scrutiny but when someone feels comfortable to come and touch your child it’s a whole other story," she wrote. She added that she does not have any intentions of being violent but the situation called for it because it involved her kids.

"I do not condone violence nor am I a violent person but shout out to all of the amazing mothers out there that will protect their children at all cost. Love, King and Dreams mommy," she wrote. Despite this, it seems like the Kardashians are finding it hard to trust her with the custody of Dream.