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Hallmark 'Roadhouse Romance' Review: Country music, barbeque sauce and cute love story

The best thing about the light-hearted rom-com is the country music theme that it's based on
UPDATED SEP 12, 2021
A still from 'Roadhouse Romance' (Hallmark)
A still from 'Roadhouse Romance' (Hallmark)

This review contains spoilers for 'Roadhouse Romance'

Fall films, especially the romantic ones from Hallmark are meant to tug at your heartstrings. The plotlines are simple, perhaps overused, and maybe cheesy, but they still pack the same dollop of sweetness that a chocolate truffle does.

'Roadhouse Romance' does just that. There are no complications, no excessive dramas, and thankfully, no crying scenes that make you weep with regret once the flick's done. This is a cute story, and sometimes, some movies are best enjoyed that way.

With a breezy 90-minute runtime, the film quickly introduces the key characters. Country music singer Lauren Alaina plays Lieutenant Callie Jackson who comes home to Lockhart after her service. The time away from home meant there were changes that happened and it's no surprise she cannot comprehend them.


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Tyler Hynes and Lauren Alaina in 'Roadhouse Romance' (Hallmark)

Tucker Roadhouse, the family’s iconic BBQ establishment that also hosts country music concerts and open-mic nights has seen a change. It's simple things really, the famous sauce made by her grandfather has been replaced with a not-so-great version, the food's changed and so has the crowd, and she's lost her first love, Joe (Adil Zaidi). Again, simple things sans the boyfriend, but after all, they do matter the most don't they?

The start of change comes in the form of TV director Luke (Tyler Hynes) who passes through town and has a chance encounter. A friendship develops and eventually an unspoken, but special bond that changes their lives. Luke's theory is simple: Sometimes it's best to look forward instead of back, and on that note, she finally finds her grandpa's sauce recipe, which just adds to one of the heartwarming storylines in 'Roadhouse Romance'.

Trouble comes in the form of girlfriend Willa (Sarah Edmondson) who decides to surprise Luke by dropping into Lockhart much to Callie's disappointment. However, by then, both develop enough feelings for each other which they take till the final minutes of the movie to confess. The best thing about the light-hearted rom-com is the country music theme that it's based on. And we're not spoiling the ending for you considering we have enough already, because that's a love story you need to watch and maybe have a smile by the time the credits roll. 

'Roadhouse Romance' premieres Saturday, September 11 at 9 pm ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.