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'F*****g terrible person': Pumpkin slams mother Mama June for DITCHING her children

Owing to her addiction struggles, the 'Road to Redemption' star's relationship with her children has become strained
UPDATED JUN 25, 2022
Mama June slammed for ditching kids by daughter Pumpkin (pumpkin/Instagram)
Mama June slammed for ditching kids by daughter Pumpkin (pumpkin/Instagram)

It's her own daughter who is slamming Mama June on Instagram. Lauryn 'Pumpkin' Efrid, 22, called her mother a 'f**king terrible person' for not being there for her kids, and ditching them when they needed her. The 'Road to Redemption' star has had a history of struggling with addiction since some time, and this is one of the major contributors to her strained relationship with her children.

In a preview of the upcoming episode of the WE TV series, Pumpkin is seen discussing with her aunt Doe Doe how she feels about her mum and her recent behavior. 


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It is quite obvious that the family is frustrated with Mama June, as her sister said, "She'll never say she's sorry. I mean, to her, nothing's her fault ever." Pumpkin, who gave birth to her third and fourth children recently, said, "She's a f**king terrible person. We all see that Mama's not gonna change."

Doe Doe then asked, "How's Alana doing with all of this?" to which Pumpkin replied, "She basically ruined her 16th birthday. I've just come to the realization, like, Alana wants her mom so bad, but it just can't happen."

Doe Doe then confessed, "I don't understand where June can't get 'this is my daughter and these are my grandkids' and take care of them like she's supposed to. I don't think June wants to come back at this point like it was. I mean, I hope she does, know. If I was gonna put a bet on it, I would say she likes what she's doing now."


Pumpkin finally said, "I think at this point, I am just done," to which her aunt said, "I guess we do the tough love. We turn out back. If it ends up the relationship gets totally broken then that's just what it is."

A different teaser of the series also showed that when Pumpkin and Mama June were in therapy, Pumpkin broke down. She choked, holding back her tears, as she said, "I'm happy, but I'm not happy." Her husband too revealed his struggles as he said, "I'm just going through the motions. Saddened that with everything that has come with it, kept a strong face."

Mama June's addicition

In 2019, Mama June and her then boyfriend Geno Doak were arrested under charges of drug possession. During this time, Pumpkin was titled as the temporary caretaker/guardian of her sister Alana. She got this permission from Alana's father Mike 'Sugar Bear' Thompson. June's addiction turned really bad quite quickly and it came to a point that the family home in Georgia had to be sold. June is now almost two years sober.