RNC 2020: Tiffany, Eric, Melania, Ivanka and Don Jr named speakers, Internet says Trump is 'desperate'

The RNC 2020 is from August 24 to August 27 and it is mostly going to be a family affair with Trump likely to make appearances on all four nights

                            RNC 2020: Tiffany, Eric, Melania, Ivanka and Don Jr named speakers, Internet says Trump is 'desperate'
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The Republican National Convention 2020, to be held mostly virtually, will kick off on August 24. It will run for four days until August 27. Having said that, a handful of Republican leaders will be present in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Previously, the convention was scheduled to take place in Charlotte — start to finish — but Donald Trump moved the majority of events to Jacksonville after a dispute with NC governor over matters of safety related to Covid-19. However, after a considerable spike in the number of cases, he called off the Jacksonville events. As per the Trump campaign, the primary focus of the convention will be to honor the "Great American Story" supported by remarks made by political leaders and "everyday Americans" whose stories inspire "hope and patriotism".

While all of it sounds impressive and good-to-go, the convention is mostly going to be a family affair. Trump may be making appearances on all four nights. Melania will speak from the Rose Garden on August 25 and so will Donald Jr, Eric and Ivanka, Trump's three children from his first marriage. Tiffany, his daughter with wife number two, Marla Maples, will also join the list.


The internet is having a field day with the list and cannot believe that it comprises of names of Trump's family members. One even pointed out that he must be desperate for speakers. "Wow! trump so desperate for speakers he even dragged Tiffany out. Only one missing now is baron," a user commented, while another shared: "You know he’s desperate when he remembers Tiffany."





Another tweeted pointing out that of the 12 speakers, six of the members are from the Trump clan if Trump Sr is taken into consideration. "If you count him, it’s actually 6! 50% of the speakers are Trumps. And the fact that he’s letting Tiffany out of the dungeon just shows he’s desperate." 



"They’re so desperate for speakers they’re letting Tiffany speak?" a user tweeted, while another posted: "They were so desperate for 'stars' they even included Tiffany!! This is going to be fun."





Interestingly, most thought that Trump inviting Tiffany to speak was a joke.

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