RNC 2020: Nikki Haley calls Biden 'good for Iran, ISIS and China', Internet says she sold her soul to Trump

Why did Haley praise POTUS for pulling out of Iran nuclear deal, moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and imposing strict sanctions on North Korea? Here's a look at the old controversies

                            RNC 2020: Nikki Haley calls Biden 'good for Iran, ISIS and China', Internet says she sold her soul to Trump
Donald Trump, Nikki Haley and Joe Biden (Getty Images)

The 2020 Republican National Convention began on Monday, August 24, 2020, and it has registered one too many emotional and political outbursts with impassioned speeches right from day one! As the event kicked off in North Carolina, it grabbed many eyeballs with Former US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, cornering Joe Biden over an array of political issues.

Nikki attacked Biden saying that he would be "good" for Iran and the Islamic State (ISIS) and "great for communist China" but the former vice-president would be a "disaster" for America. Speaking at the event, Haley claimed Biden — who served as the vice-president in former President Barack Obama’s administration — has a record of "weakness and failure", as reported by Teletrader website. As per several reports, she also said that Biden would "kill millions of jobs" and hike taxes if he is elected in November. Sharing her speech, Haley tweeted, “If you missed my speech tonight, here’s the video.”



On the contrary front, the former envoy to the UN commended President Donald Trump for his political moves like pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and imposing strict sanctions on North Korea. The key question on everyone's minds is: Why did Nikki lambast Biden over Iran, China and ISIS? Here are old controversies and Biden's stance on these matters.

Biden on Iran

As reported in the Atlantic, the US has been embroiled in not one but two devastating war-like situations: one with Iran and another with North Korea in 2020 sparked by Kim Jong-un's test-firing nuclear-capable missiles that are ballistic and threatening to America. Amid such circumstances, Biden had attacked Trump over his foreign policy decisions where he even dismissed the president’s historic trip to North Korea in 2019 and blamed him for the deterioration of relations with Iran, Politico reported.

Biden on ISIS

Regarding terrorist group ISIS, Biden told the Washington Post in 2019 that Trump’s conduct would likely bolster Islamic State recruitment and cause more instability in the Middle East as reported by Axios. He mentioned the reason for his stand being that Trump "has no foreign policy" and "seems to act on a whim". The comment came in the backdrop of Trump's conduct following the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi during a US operation in Syria show. As reported by Axios, foreign policy is one of the key strategies of the Biden campaign. What's more,  Biden has also criticized Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria in October 2019 whereas Trump said he wanted to “bring our great heroes" home.

Biden on tension with China

After trade tensions with China escalated, reports said that Biden's win would lessen risks in Asia if it curbs some of the tension with China. As reported by Bloomberg, disputes in areas such as technology, human rights and trade will go on but are likely to be handled more predictably and in a less aggressive way if Biden defeats Trump, according to UBS Group AG and AMP Capital Investors Ltd. This is in sharp contrast to Trump’s aggressive stance on China. As reported by FP, the Trump regime has begun to portray China as an implacable and determined “totalitarian” enemy whose aim is to destroy the American way of life.

Minutes after Haley spoke on several strategic and political issues supporting Trump on his moves and denouncing Biden, the Internet felt that maybe she “sold her soul to Trump”. Many called her out for her utmost loyalty to Republicans. A user tweeted, “Nikki Haley is a Trump cultist. Biden would never ask and she would never agree if asked. She has sold her soul to Trump for the same 30 pieces of silver the other Republicans got.”



Another said how she earlier respected Haley but not now. “It’s hard to believe that there was once a time when I actually had respect for Nikki Haley and even thought she might make a good POTUS candidate. With this disingenuous Trump suck-up speech, she has sold both her soul and her integrity.”



Some feel she has lost credibility as a leader. “U lost all credibility Nikki Haley you and all of them Republicans have sold your souls to the devil.”



Another concurred, “Nikki Haley sold her soul to speak on the first night and lead into Donald Trump, Jr.”



Some were in support of Haley though on her stand on Biden’s weakness. “Former Ambassador @AmbNikkiHaley delivers speech centered on Democrats weakness and their inability to recognize the worldwide failures of socialism.”



Some users felt that she has rightfully pointed out the strength and weaknesses of Biden and Trump. “Strength and success vs. weakness and failure. Nikki Haley just summed up the differences between @realDonaldTrump and @joebiden about as succinctly as possible. #RNCConvention2020.”



A supporter of Haley wrote, “@NikkiHaley's story is always very inspirational! Nikki Haley says that Joe Biden has a record of weakness and failure.”


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