RNC 2020: Will Kristi Noem be the 'first female US president'? The Internet certainly thinks so after Gov sparkles

The South Dakota Governor raised concerns over violent mobs in Democrat-ruled cities, recalled past heroes and hailed Trump for fighting for the common man

                            RNC 2020: Will Kristi Noem be the 'first female US president'? The Internet certainly thinks so after Gov sparkles
Kristi Noem (Getty Images)

Did we just hear that there is arguably another candidate for the presidential elections besides President Donald Trump and Joe Biden? This is what people think as South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem took the stage at the Republican National convention 2020 on August 26, speaking on a plethora of issues in a calm and composed demeanor.

The politician opened her speech saying that she was present today on stage with a belief that America’s founding principles are under "attack". "I'm here tonight because I believe America is an exceptional nation founded on three principles — equality, freedom, and opportunity. But today, our founding principles are under attack."

Alluding to choosing between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, she said, "This year, the choice for Americans is between a man who values these ideals and all that can be built because of them and a man who isn’t guided by these ideals and coincidentally, has built nothing." Trump tweeted her video. 


Noem also recalled the greatness of the father of the American constitution. “Men of great intellect and wisdom like James Madison, the Father of our Constitution, hoped our constitutional republic would last for ages, mitigate the problems that would naturally arise from political factions, and prevent tyranny." She added, "Madison also authored much of the Bill of Rights because he understood the natural tendency of government to increasingly encroach on the people’s consent and thus our freedom."

Most of her speech centered around fighting to "protect" foundational rights from "government interference and indifference". She said, "America is unique in the world. The government’s power at all levels is limited to the confines of our Constitution, which protects our God-given liberties and civil rights. We are not — and will not — be the subjects of an elite class of so-called experts. We the people are the government."

She mentioned the reasoned judgment of Abraham Lincoln and his ability to see "disregard for the rule of law" that she feels persists even today. "He was concerned for the people that had seen their property destroyed, their families attacked, and their lives threatened or even taken away. These good people were becoming tired of, and disgusted with, a government that offered them no protection."

In this screenshot from the RNC’s live stream of the 2020 Republican National Convention, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem addresses the virtual convention on August 26, 2020 (Getty Images)

Raising concerns over violent mobs and bashing Democrats over it, she said, "From Seattle and Portland to Washington and New York, Democrat-run cities across this country are being overrun by violent mobs. The violence is rampant. There’s looting, chaos, destruction and murder. People that can afford to flee have fled. But the people that can’t — good, hard-working Americans — are left to fend for themselves."

Praising Republicans, she iterated that the party’s commitment is to take care of individual rights and self-government. "Our party respects individuals based on who they are. We don’t divide people based on their beliefs or their roots. We respect everyone equally under the Constitution and treat them as Martin Luther King, Jr. wished, according to the content of their character and not the color of their skin."

She also underscored Trump’s achievements. "In just four years, President Trump has lifted people of all races and backgrounds out of poverty. He shrunk the government. He put money back into the pockets of hardworking, ordinary Americans. He has advanced religious liberty. He protected the Second Amendment. You can look back 50 years, and you won’t find anyone that has surpassed President Trump’s success on these four issues alone."

In concluding remarks she was gracious to past historical personalities but also mentioned that the common American is also a hero and Trump is fighting for them. As soon as she finished speaking, the Internet was abuzz with many tweeting in her praise and seeing a potential President in her. 

News personality Kambree tweeted in her praise, "I could see South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem possibly being the first female President of the United States." 


Some see a potential rising star in her.


A user in awe of her tweeted, "Governor Kristi Noem showing the world again how much better looking Republican women are."


Journalist Jordan Schachtel lauded on her handling of Covid-19 crises. “Kristi Noem is an American hero for the way she led her state through the pandemic. She earned this platform through her incredible courage in a time of global crisis."


On the other front, some people did not support her. They shared reports on twitter stating how active Covid-19 cases, current hospitalizations and new person test results all declined in the latest update from the South Dakota Department of Health. Journalist Aaron Rupar tweeted, "The first speaker of night three of the RNC is Gov Kristi Noem of South Dakota, who recently encouraged a coronavirus superspreader event at Sturgis."


Journalist Holly Figueroa O'Reilly concurred, "This is Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota. You might know her from such hits as ignoring a massive COVID-19 outbreak at a meatpacking plant in her state and encouraging a super spreader event when bikers to converged at Sturgis. #TrumpChaos."


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