'Riverdale' tricked us into rooting for Joaquin DeSantos and then snatched him away

Joaquin DeSantos is dead and nobody can believe a major character was killed off so insignificantly. Fans were hoping for a possible reunion with ex flame, Kevin Keller.

                            'Riverdale' tricked us into rooting for Joaquin DeSantos and then snatched him away

Even before Riverdale's season 3 kicked off, fans were raving about the possible reunion of Kevin Keller with his hot, bad-boy, leather-clad ex-boyfriend, Joaquin DeSantos. But that is not possible anymore. No, not because Joaquin was in jail with Archie, or that he kissed Archie before stabbing him right in his abs, but because Joaquin is dead. 

On Wednesday's episode of 'Riverdale', titled 'Manhunter,' the Serpents, headed by the Serpent King, Jughead Jones, hunt down Joaquin, who had escaped from the prison alongside Archie, to join a new gang - the Gargoyle King gang.

With the previous episode concluding with Jughead's encounter with the Gargoyle King, it is revealed in this episode that as he followed the mysterious creature into the woods, he stumbled upon an entire flock of Gargoyle Kings dressed in black robes and wearing prominent animal masks, although they looked rather artificial compared to the original Gargoyle King's avatar.

Sweet Pea and Fangs locate Joaquin on Jughead's order and the three of them gang up against the renegade so that he spills the truth about what happened within the prison walls and Warden Norton's connection to the Gargoyle King. Joaquin, who is clearly possessed with the game of Gryphons and Gargoyle's, faintly mutters "sacrifice," when Jughead asks him the reason he stabbed Archie when he was supposed to be protecting him. 

On further interrogation of the light blue-eyed ex-Serpent, he clarifies the symbol marked on Archie's hips means sacrifice and that the 'Red Paladin,' as Archie is referred to by the now-dead Warden Norton, had to be killed. The order came from the "man in a black suit," says Joaquin.

As the red-head protagonist ends up escaping and surviving, thanks to his headstrong girlfriend Veronica Lodge, a replacement for the "sacrifice" was sought, and guess who that was? Yes, a blue-eyed Paladin, Joaquin DeSantos. 

When Jughead arrives back to the Serpent's territory, the trailer park, Fangs and Sweet Pea lead him to a chair covered in a blue tarp. When Jughead uncovers the blue sheet, Joaquin's dead body rests with blue lips and the aforementioned "sacrifice" symbol branded onto his forehead. It was then clear 'Riverdale' show-makers had tricked us all along as if Joaquin was a major character.

His death, murder, sacrifice, whatever it's called was buried so insignificantly in the plot that fans freaked out questioning if that really happened? We first met Joaquin way back in season 1 when he attended the Twilight Drive-In and chanced upon Kevin Keller, who shushed him down from a distance. After a brief confrontation between the two, they were seen making out in the back alley.

The love story of the bad boy with the Sheriff's son started, and Joaquin's Southside Serpent gangster attitude brought him several dangers and ample gang fights. They eventually called it quits when Kevin found out Joaquin was an insider to the Sheriff's confidential information. However, those who had always shipped them hard, knew the real deal that Joaquin did care about Kevin.

In season 2, Kevin moved on to Moose, who was closeted and did not want anyone to know he was dating Kevin. So, fans were expecting Joaquin to come back around for Kevin, who clearly deserves a happy relationship with a viral hashtag as Varchie or Bughead.

So, in season 3, when Joaquin was in prison with Archie, fans expected a major return. Archie and Joaquin are both not unknown to fight each other, but in the prison, it looked like they were going to support each other in the escape, until the last episode when he took out a knife and stabbed the leading man. 


However, as Archie managed the great escape, Joaquin did too, and while running into the woods chanced upon his former flame, Kevin, who instantly asked him where he was going. Joaquin hurriedly told Kevin to get out of the woods and run, leaving Kevin surprised and dumbfounded. This small encounter sparked hope among many fans, Joaquin and Kevin will get back together as he comes back to his senses.

On an added note, the leather-clad hunk, Joaquin, made quite a good impression this season with many fans gushing over his good looks. Sharing a steamy kiss with Archie Andrews last episode (before stabbing him), made sensational headlines.

Alas, now he is dead. Hopes have been dashed. The day has been ruined. He has been sacrificed. Fans have never wanted a 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' crossover more; so that necromancy can be performed and the handsome Serpent brought back on the show to steal hearts again, especially Kevin's. 




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