'Riverdale': Is the 'Swamp Goth' music of the Gargoyle King an indication the murderer is yet again a Blossom?

In the last two seasons, the murderers have turned out to be members of the Blossom family, so this season may not be very different

                            'Riverdale': Is the 'Swamp Goth' music of the Gargoyle King an indication the murderer is yet again a Blossom?

Meaww's recent interview with music composer of 'Riverdale', Sherri Chung, revealed the only cue the composer got to come up with this season's theme was 'Swamp Goth.' With five episodes in already, we know the villain this year is a creature named Gargoyle King, and unlike the previous two antagonists of season one and season two, we can't quite figure if Gargoyle King is a person. And, neither can the music composer.

"Because we don’t know what or who that is, sonically, we’re trying to create a lot of fear, dread and mystery surrounding this character. We are adding music that’s more bold, mystical, and other-worldly. What we know yet, it’s not of a time, place, gender or being, which makes it all the more interesting," said Chung.

Aware that the underlying music tends to reveal the plot or a person, the creators were cautious enough to keep the identity of the Gargoyle King under wraps. But that does not mean we cannot speculate on who this mysterious other-worldly villain is.

Season 3 took a supernatural turn of events when magical scenes unfurled in the first episode as Polly Cooper's twins Juniper and Dagwood levitated in mid-air above a burning furnace. Added to that, there's this weird introduction of the Evernevers' Farm cult that Polly Cooper and Alice Cooper are hooked into.

The same episode featured Jughead Jones discovering the almost-dead naked bodies of his two classmates in the woods, worshipping a sculpture of the Gargoyle King, with their lips turned blue and backs engraved with archaic symbols.


Establishing such supernatural elements, the series then spurred on to explore the mysteries of the RPG game Gryphons and Gargoyles, from where Gargoyle King is born, and to date, there have been no parallels drawn with another supernatural introduction; the Farm. Looping in to all these is yet another mystery of the 'Swamp Goth.'

Fans have already put their best guesses forward on the identity of the Gargoyle King with many pointing out Hermoine Lodge is behind the mask, because of the hints let out in the throwback episode as she was the one who discovered the game and she was present at the time their principal Featherby was murdered.

Also, the last episode titled 'The Great Episode,' showed Warden Norton drink a poisoned chalice because he failed the Gargoyle's King task of killing Archie Andrews, while Hermoine waited outside his office.

So far, the scenes where the Gargoyle King appears has featured an eerie mystical tune characterized by a fusion of alternative rock and pop with a gurgling animal sound when zoomed into the Gargoyle King, who clearly looks like a wooden creature with twigs and branches for hands.

A quick search on Swamp Goth music leads us to a Swamp Pop genre instead, which is indigenous to the Acadiana region of south Louisiana and an adjoining section of Southeast Texas whereas 'Swamp Rock' is a distinct genre in itself and different from 'Swamp Pop' in that it drew more on 1960s rock than on the 1950s rhythm and blues sound.

So far we have seen the Gargoyle King in select places, mainly the Fox Forest, Riverdale High, and Riverdale hospital. And, because the showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said0 the Gargoyle King "is most probably a guy in a mask," in an interview with Us Weekly, chances are we already know the villain, and with a 'Swamp Goth' mix to it, there's a high probability that Gargoyle King is one of the Blossoms. Definitely not Cheryl Blossom because she is the hero of the show, a Katniss Everdeen of the 'Riverdale' district.


With Jason Blossom's dead body found in the swamps in season one, murdered by his own father Clifford Blossom, who came back in season two as a twin brother, Claudius, fans are guessing that yet another Blossom is a killer.

Even season two's murderer, the Blackhood, who turned out be Betty Cooper's father, Hal Cooper, is a Blossom. Since throughout the series, Blossoms have turned out to be the murderers, season three may just have the same kind of ending.

Claudius Blossom (Still from Season 2)
Claudius Blossom (Still from Season 2)

Also, in the flashback episode, it is revealed Penelope Blossom had been adopted by the Blossom family to be groomed as Clifford Blossom's future wife. While Clifford was shown in passing in the flashback episode, he was very much present when the Gargoyle King haunted Riverdale in the '90s. Theories have suggested Clifford was unhappy with Penelope making friends outside of the Blossom family, so he masked himself to join the game, kill the principal and disperse the Midnight Club gang.