'Riverdale' Season 5 Episode 1: Will 'Katy Keene' be renewed? Fans feel 'stabbed' after KO Kelly cameo

Fans are hoping for a 'Katy Keene' renewal but will that wish be fulfilled?

                            'Riverdale' Season 5 Episode 1: Will 'Katy Keene' be renewed? Fans feel 'stabbed' after KO Kelly cameo
KJ Apa as Archie and Camila Mendes as Veronica, Xane Holtz as KO Kelly in 'Katy Keene' (CW)

'Riverdale' returned with a bang (literally), and the premiere seems to be all that fans could have hoped for. There are the usual relationship struggles, against the backdrop of prom, while the murder-mystery continues from the previous season (it's not Riverdale if there isn't some spooky thrill). And hey, it's prom time. Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) is dying to be prom queen, and Toni (Vanessa Morgan) couldn't really care less about it. 

There was a 'Katy Keene' reference on the show, and that got fans in a twist. KO Kelly appeared! The show was canceled, and fans are hoping that this is an indication that the show might be renewed. Veronica mentions Katy Keene and her are BFFs. KO Kelly goes out boxing with Archie and wins. "Me trying not to cry at the Katy Keene references because I loved that show and they canceled it #Riverdale," a fan wrote. "Katy Keene cameo from K.O! Nice, bittersweet considering the show’s cancellation, but nice. #Riverdale," another fan tweeted. "Me watching #Riverdale mention katy keene over and over again while I watched their production office empty out after getting cancelled and now we use their offices as a lunch room," one fan wrote. "Would it break the world if KO Kelly attended Prom and died? #Riverdale #KatyKeene," a fan asked. "#riverdale this guy was awful on Katy Keene he didn’t end up going anywhere right," a fan wrote. "They had to stab us with the Katy Keene reference. #Riverdale," a fan complained.







Meanwhile, things are going south for Choni. When Cheryl asks Toni if they can have dinner with their families, she realizes that Toni's family doesn't know about her. When Toni goes to tell her nana about Cheryl, she finds out that Cheryl had already paid her nana a visit. And things go even worse, Blossoms had taken everything away from Toni's people. Nana's final word remained, "I will not allow you to date a Blossom."

Cheryl, even though she is sorry that she went to see Toni's nana, was really hoping her girlfriend would still come to prom. Toni's nana on the other hand begs Toni to not "dishonor" the family and take a Blossom to prom. Toni chooses Cheryl, but, just for prom night, Cheryl is heartbroken. She tells her nana that the night made her realize that she and Toni were not going to be end game, once again a victim of the Blossom family curse.

'Riverdale' airs on CW, Wednesdays at 8 pm.

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