'Riverdale' season 3: Baffling fan theories that may come true

From the lost twins to the apparent ones, Season 3 of 'Riverdale' will introduce the plot twists that was already established in the first two seasons.

                            'Riverdale' season 3: Baffling fan theories that may come true

Four months have elapsed since 'Riverdale' season 2 concluded with a cliffhanger and only a few weeks to go for season 3 to premiere. Well, to be honest, there hasn't been a day without the buzz on the show. If it's not the real-life Bughead, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, that keeps the headlines roaring then it's the fans or the other cast members that capture our attention. The noise has not been futile since the show's speculation has lead to baffling fan theories and some of which may turn to be true in the upcoming season, slated to air on October 10.


The trailer has already revealed there are satanic cults in season 3 but what's more surprising is this fan theory which suggests that the Blossoms may be a part of the cult or something even worse. Evil runs in the Blossom family, and one Reddit user pointed out that Penelope Blossom is a devil or its worshipper. Her affair with her dead husband's twin brother and the motive to kill her mother-in-law Nana Rose with a poisonous Tannis Root, that is derived from the cult horror film 'Rosemary’s Baby,'  to demonstrate the power of the devil worshipers, it is only likely this theory makes sense as the statement has already been established.

Added to all this, the place referred to as 'The Farm,' constantly by Polly since season 1 where she planned to run away with Jason Blossom was not the agricultural type we had imagined. The Farm is a community, it is a cult and Polly tells her mother about it, and we see them dressed in white, holding Polly's twin babies above a fire and chanting some mantra. Aren't the Coopers Blossoms' too? Yes, they are.


Cheryl and Jason Blossom in Season 1 (Twitter)
Cheryl and Jason Blossom in Season 1 (Twitter)


There's another quite interesting fan theory surrounding the twins - that answers our shock rippling from Season 1. We all wondered how could Clifford Blossom kill his own son Jason Blossom? Maybe because Cheryl and Jason were never twins. Penelope Blossom is currently with Claudius, so it is likely that Cheryl and Jason were fathered by two Blossom brothers. Both the brothers have had some terrible history carrying the family curse of sibling killing each other. Penelope and Clifford may have planned to raise the two kids as twins while sending Claudius to exile, so this could be the reason why Clifford did not hesitate before shooting Jason Blossom on the head. 

Season 2 was entirely about the Black Hood, and we are still not sure if the Black Hood plot has wrapped up. Sure, Hal has admitted being the Black Hood but the season 2 cliffhanger hints there's another one out there. So there is definitely Hal Cooper volume two. Why should that be a surprise? Twins run strong in the Blossom family.

Another shocking theory (but totally believable) is about the Black Hood - it says that the Sisters of Quiet Mercy are behind it. With Polly's encounter as well as Cheryl's experience in the nunnery, it is established that they are the evilest group of nuns who are obsessed with the idea of keeping clean and pure, similar to Black Hood's ideologies, who would go to any extent to cleanse the "sinful" town of Riverdale. We should have thought of that before. 



If Black Hood is not enough of the villain, then the newly released poster of 'Riverdale' Season 3 by its creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, has spurred some new questions; Who is the gargoyle king? The tweeted poster includes the caption; "Beware the #gargoyleking." Who? What? When? Where? and Why?

In the Redditt forum, it was brought to light that there is an IMDB page for the show with the character title, "Gargoyle Knight,"  which sounds similar to Riverdale's latest Gargoyle King. This character is present in at least four episodes this season, starting with the second one, which means he is a pretty important character. Fans taking a prompt response to the character believes that the Gargoyle Knight is the bodyguard of Gargoyle King or is Alice's lost son, Charles. None of the fans believe that Chic killed Charles, and neither do we. Charles is likely called by the name because it is believed he lives in the bell tower of the church the Ghoulies use as a hideout, using a mask to hide the scars from Chic's attack, leading the Ghoulies to refer him as the Gargoyle Knight.

Another post shared by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa on social media took 'Riverdale' fans to a frenzy that led to the birth of another fan theory, a highly likely one, we agree! Taking to Instagram, the show's creator announced that the Season 3's flashback episode would feature teens playing with their parents. So he tagged the actors on their comic cartoon likewise as KJ was tagged on Archie, Cole on Jughead and so on, but in a tricky scenario, Charles Melton, who was obviously tagged on the Reggie cartoon also popped another tag name; that of Jordan Connor, who plays Sweet Pea.

Even though his tag may seem out of the blue, there's a theory suggesting that Reggie and Sweet Pea are half-brothers. They do look alike when you think about it. 


The final estranged family theory that we reckon may be true is that Penny Peabody is related to the Coopers, specifically to Alice Cooper. Besides looking alike, fans think that the blondes are sisters and Penny maybe Betty's real mother. A Reddit user believes that Penny got pregnant with Betty, but was too young to care for her, so her sister Alice, who already had Polly, agreed to raise Penny's daughter as well.



Season 3 premiers on October 10 and the fan theories suggest that the plot is concrete and not very confusing. 'Riverdale' fans who had lost a bit of interest on the show may just come back thinking how smart the dots connect and how the serene town of Riverdale is just a cursed little Castle Rock.

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