'Riverdale': Before season 3 starts here's a quick recap of what happened in season 2

The much awaited fan favorite show arrives in a matter of few hours, so here is a recap of Season 2 to prep you up for Season 3

                            'Riverdale': Before season 3 starts here's a quick recap of what happened in season 2

It's just a matter of a few hours before 'Riverdale' hits our screens with Season 3 and takes us on another mindboggling mystery ride along Sweetwater River and Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Enough fan theories have been built by now and before we actually embark on our new journey, it is important to revisit the past, because believe it or not, the upcoming season may have new storylines, characters, villains and plot twists, but they all have their origins in season 2.


Here's the flashback or let's call it the recap of everything that happened in season 2. It happened a long time ago and we need to refresh our memories before we catch up with our ultimate favorite gang in Season 3.



Season 1 ended with Archie's dad being shot by the Black Hood, so season 2 began with Archie in the hospital, extremely guilty for not being able to protect his father. So in order to make the Black Hood pay for his crime, Archie forms a 'Red Circle' and uploads a rather embarrassing video on YouTube threatening the Black Hood, with the help of his girlfriend's father, Hiram Lodge. Archie is put to the test by Veronica's family as an FBI agent is hired by Hermoine Lodge to test his loyalty towards the Lodge family. He successfully passes the test and is showered with expensive gifts from the Lodges. However, as he realizes how Hiram had been manipulating him all along, he confronts him, only to be victimized by the boss villain. Season 2 ends with Archie being elected the class president of Riverdale High and instantly arrested for the murder of Cassidy Bullock, a set up by Hiram, who's henchman, Andre, murdered Cassidy when he attempted to rob the Lodge country house. 



Following Season 1's murder of Jason Blossom, FP Jones is sent to prison, so we see Jughead trying his level best to get his father out of the 20-year prison sentence. He gets in touch with a woman his father warned about- Penny Peabody, also called the 'snake handler,' who promises to help Jughead, but only to trap him. Penny makes Jughead run illegal errands and the situation gets messier. Jughead fights back and banishes Penny from the Serpents and carves the flesh bearing her Serpent tattoo. However, this only gets Jughead into more trouble as she comes back to bite him when Penny teams up with the Ghoulies and announces war on the Serpents. In a tragic ending for Jughead, he sacrifices himself to the Ghoulies. Penny personally attacks him and removes his own tattoo as payback.



Betty discovers that she inspired Black Hood to go on a murdering spree, and she constantly gets letters and phone calls from him. This leads to major upheavals in her personal life, including breaking up with Jughead and getting into a spat with her BFF, Veronica Lodge. However, an even worse consequence is when she decides to find her long-lost brother, whom her mother gave up at birth. To make Alice Cooper feel a little less sad about Polly leaving home, Betty decides to get Chic into the house. A drug dealer who comes looking for Chic ends up dead at their house, and the Cooper women get rid of his dead body. As Betty gets even more suspicious of Chic and his creepy ways, she brings out the investigative journalist in her and snoops around to know more about her supposed brother. 

She sneakily conducts a DNA test on Chic, only to find that he has no Blossom blood in him, meaning he isn't Hal's son. Alice still does not want to kick Chic out of the house as she insists that he is her son. So Betty does even more of the digging and goes to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where Chic was raised. She discovers that Chic is not Charles. When she confronts him, she learns that Chic knew Charles, they lived together, but Chic says he died. So Betty, who has a dark side to her, exposes Chic to the Black Hood and makes him run for his life.  At that time, and given the timing, Betty becomes suspicious that her father is the Black Hood. As her suspicions turn out to be true and Hal is arrested, he tells her that she has the same "darkness" within her that drove him to murder. But the good news is, Jughead, who is the Serpent King now has asked her to be his Serpent Queen.



In the beginning of Season 2, we see Veronica, a daddy's princess, welcoming her father home from prison. She joins her parents to woo the St. Clairs, possible investors in Hiram's SoDale project. But the St. Clair's son, her old friend Nick, turns out to be a major creep and attempts to take advantage of both Veronica and Cheryl. Nick kidnaps Archie, and asks Veronica for sexual favors since she can't come up with the ransom money. Smart, clever and cunning, Veronica drugs Nick instead and gets $1 million from his parents as ransom. She uses that money to make a deal with her father after she learns more about his SoDale project. Purchasing of the White Wyrm, a Serpent's hangout, is the final part of Hiram's plan to take over the Southside, so she buys it herself, making a deal with her father to trade it for Pop's Diner. The agreement involves completely cutting her off financially, but Veronica is determined to win the bid against her father. 



Season 1's grand finale was Cheryl setting fire to her Thornhill house. In Season 2, she was still the same, creating problems between our beloved Bughead while also helping FP to get out of prison. As Cheryl comes to terms with her sexuality, her personal life is in a mess. Her mother has taken up a career as a prostitute, providing "comfort and companionship to the lonely men of Riverdale." Her father's identical twin brother comes along and has an affair with her mother, Penelope. In an attempt to get rid of Cheryl and her grandmother Nana Blossom, Penelope drugs Nana Blossom and pushes her down the stairs, and sends Cheryl to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy for conversion therapy. Cheryl's plot gets so interesting in Season 2 as Toni Topaz, Cheryl's love interest, and Veronica heroically rescue her from the cruel institution. She demands emancipation from her mother to move out of Thistle house so she can live with Nana Rose. When she is attacked by the Black Hood, we see her turn into Katniss Everdeen with major archery skills. Emerging victorious and winning it all, she is made an honorary Serpent, donning her own red leather jacket. 

Other characters



While new characters are introduced, the old ones still play a major role in what is to come in Season 3. FP Jones, who announced his retirement from the Serpents is seen sleeping with Alice Cooper, since they were past lovers, and with Hal Cooper arrested for being the Black Hood, we cannot wait for new love stories to unfurl.