Riverdale: Meet Gargoyle King, Season 3's villain who will fade Black Hood into grey

With the introduction of cult scenes in the upcoming season of Riverdale, we see a new demonic monster and the showrunners have already warned us

                            Riverdale: Meet Gargoyle King, Season 3's villain who will fade Black Hood into grey

As the upcoming season of 'Riverdale' approaches, more anticipations swirl on the next villain appearing on the dark franchise of Archie Comics. The trailer is enough proof that Season 3 will be the omniest of all but in an exciting way. While we have the cult and the Black Hood to look forward to, because we know it's not just Hal Cooper, there's a new villain debuting and he is the one the show-runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, warned us about. We might even forget the Black Hood and Hiram Lodge just by the sound of 'Gargoyle King.'



Theories on the Gargoyle King is already abuzz as fans try to crack the question of his identity and how he finds his way into the plot.




Gargoyle King was introduced by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa earlier this month with a sepia filter poster featuring the cast members accompanied with a warning to "beware" of the "#gargoyleking."  Camila Mendes, who portrays Veronica Lodge, also shared the poster on social media and wrote: “The gargoyle king is amongst us #riverdale.”

With our wildest guess and a glimpse on the teaser, we bet this could be a supernatural monster with branches sprouting as wings and horns that Betty sees when she falls into a trance-like state. The dark antler creature is symbolized with the same red branches we see on the cover of Sacasa's tweet. With a caption suggesting that the monster has a name i.e 'Gargoyle King,' it is only likely that it is related to the new cult scene of 'The Farm' dawning in Season 3 that ensnare's Alice and Polly Cooper. 


Leave it up to the fans to do some serious research when it comes to Riverdale and its mysteries. A Reddit user dug deep to find Riverdale's IMDb page that lists all the new characters. In it is mentioned a character named 'Gargoyle Knight,' which is played by actor James Challis. As Sacasa has already revealed the villainous plot of Gargoyle King, we get an obvious hint that 'Gargoyle Knight' is related to Gargoyle King. This either simplifies or complicates the mystery, but here we are, trying to decode it all.

Two plausible theories gaining traction on Reddit goes like this: Gargoyle Knight is either one of the leaders of the new cult, or is the actual Charles Smith, not the fake 'Chic' we saw in Season 2, because believe me, fans don't buy that Chic killed him, and neither do we.

The character list says that James Challis will be playing Edgar Evernever, a leader of the cult that Polly and Alice will be a part of. Gargoyle King, being a monster that he is, will definitely have a henchman or a leader to lead the cult worshippers, that is where Gargoyle Knight comes to play. 


Another sensible theory suggests that Gargoyle Knight is the real Charles Smith, likely Alice Cooper and FP Jones' son. Given that the flame between the two has rekindled, it only makes sense their son will have a major role this season. This theory further suggests that Charles earned the name Gargoyle Knight as he is hiding out in the bell tower of the Ghoulies' church and wears a mask to cover his face after Chic attacked, but failed to kill, him.

It can also be pointed out that Gargoyle King comes just in time of Jughead being crowned the Serpent King. So there are endless possibilities of leader rivalries dominating the upcoming season. As for the Black Hood, is he still important yet with the introduction of Gargoyle King? Maybe, there's another Hal there, another twin, no new surprise, only new villains.

Riverdale Season 3 premieres on the CW on October 10.


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