'Riverdale': Who is the Gargoyle King? Here are the suspects

Too bad for Veronica Lodge, even after rescuing Archie Andrews, her problems are not resolved. Both her parents make it to the list of Gargoyle King suspects

                            'Riverdale': Who is the Gargoyle King? Here are the suspects

Much to the dismay of fans, Riverdale did not air this week as well which means that we have been pushed two weeks behind on discovering the identity of the Gargoyle King.

With a lot happening this season, episode six titled 'Manhunter' is said to give a lot of leads on who the Gargoyle King is. So far what we know about the creature leading the infamous and deadly game of 'Gryphons and Gargoyles' is that he is proving to be much more dangerous and creepier than any of the previous villains. The Gargoyle King has not only been on the murdering spree like that of Blackhood, but has also bewitched victims to take their own lives and put the entire town of Riverdale in jeopardy.

Visually, the Gargoyle King looks nothing human (Source: Riverdale fan wiki)
Visually, the Gargoyle King looks nothing human (Source: Riverdale fan wiki)

It is safe to assume that the newly introduced villain is viler than Jason Blossom's father, Cliff Blossom, who killed his own son or Betty Cooper's father, Hal Cooper, who turned out to be Blackhood. 

Given that in both cases, the killer turned out to be a parent of one of the main characters, this time may not be very different despite the introduction of supernatural elements in the show. Visually, the killer looks nothing human. Gargoyle King looks like an animated wooden toy, with twigs for hands and a face resembling a wooden sculpture of an animal. The figure drapes a black cape and has been described by the showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa as "gruesome, gory, grim, and gnarly".

Gargoyle King has so far been seen in select locations including the Fox Forest, Riverdale High (in the throwback episode 'The Midnight Club') and the hospital where Ethel was admitted. It is still highly possible that the Gargoyle King, despite the horns and lack of human elements, may still very much be one of the characters in costumes, because let's face it, the creepy figure also lurked in the '90s, when all the gang played dress-up.


Here's the list of possible suspects of who might be the Gargoyle King:

Hermione Lodge

First up is Veronica Lodge's mother, who seems to be a saint compared to her villainous father, Hiram Lodge. Dark and deep as we know Hiram to be, there is something deeply disturbing about Hermoine. The throwback episode made it clear what gigantic role Hermoine played introducing the game of 'Gryphons and Gargoyles' back in the '90s. Now as the mayor, she banned the game, only to intrigue all the students of Riverdale High to play the game despite Veronica pointing out that banning only makes it popular — Bingo! The last episode, 'The Great Escape' only concretized this theory that she is the main villain as Warden Norton drank the poisoned chalice after failing to accomplish the task to kill Archie Andrews set by the Gargoyle King.

(In the previous episode, she had boldly claimed to her husband and daughter that their obsession with Archie Andrews is destroying the family.) As Norton's assistant comes to inform him that Hermoine Lodge is waiting outside, he immediately drinks cyanide resulting in another blue-lip death. So far, the clues are pointing to Hermoine — we need to keep an eye on her.

Hiram Lodge

Too bad for Veronica, both her parents have made it to the suspect list. Hiram Lodge, as the mafia-boss that he is, we can't imagine him lurking in the woods in that silly costume. It does not go with his personality. But hey! He is evil and he wants Archie dead. Warden Norton was, in fact, his pawn, as evident early when Archie was sent to prison, so it is possible that Hiram Lodge, posing as the Gargoyle King, ordered Warden Norton to kill the 'Red Paladin', Archie's name on the board game.

Penny Peabody

Even though we have hardly seen Penny Peabody this season, she did make quite a typical villainous entry — blackmailing Veronica Lodge and shipping Jingle Jangle at her speakeasy and shortly sending Sheriff Minetta to search the place. Penny has always been a dangerous character in Riverdale. She nearly killed Jughead last season, and it's quite fishy that she hasn't done something outrageously evil this season. A fan on Reddit has come up with a convincing theory that she just might be the Gargoyle King.

Penny Peabody was absent from 'The Midnight Club' episode but out of all the characters involved, it is still a mystery as to who set up the 'ascension party'. The answer lies in this absent character, who was an outcast at Riverdale High.

The Gargoyle King has been described as 'gruesome, gory, grim, and gnarly' (Source: Riverdale fan wiki)
The Gargoyle King has been described as 'gruesome, gory, grim, and gnarly' (Source: Riverdale fan wiki)

The theory believes that she created the game as an escape from her lonely life but was confiscated by Weatherbee. The game landed in the hands of her classmates, who had wronged her, so she decided to pose as the Gargoyle King herself. The theory seems farfetched, but when you think about what lengths she can go to hurt people, it is very plausible. She was there in the '90s too anyway. 

Sierra McCoy

Do not forget. In the famous bathroom scene of the flashback episode, Sierra McCoy is seen writing on the mirror using a red lipstick. Just before Alice meets the Gargoyle King, she sees the letters 'Flip for your fate' scrawled on the bathroom mirror. Coincidence? We hope so. 

Whoever turns out to be the Gargoyle King in this Scooby-Doo chase of the Riverdale gang, we are pretty sure the unmasking will be fun.

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