'Riverdale': Fans speculate that Betty Cooper's mom will be killed by a cult

The trailer of Season 3 already hints that Alice Cooper will join her eldest daughter Polly to become a member of the cult 'The Farm,' but the outcome may not be what you think

                            'Riverdale': Fans speculate that Betty Cooper's mom will be killed by a cult

'Riverdale' is returning with season 3 and fans are already anticipating some disturbing spoilers. Because, why not?

With major new storylines seen in the trailer itself, ample fan theories have emerged. But looks like the latest theory doing the rounds has put one of our favorite characters in grave danger. Fans fear that Alice Cooper, played by Mädchen Amick, may die.



Viewers will remember the season 2 finale when Polly Cooper (Tiera Skobye) returned to The Farm with her babies and mother in tow. After struggling to come to terms with the Black Hood being her husband, Hal, (Lochlyn Munro) Alice is convinced by Polly to stay at The Farm. “I think I have someone who can help you, mom. A friend of mine, on The Farm who healed me when I was so broken after Jason," Polly says in the trailer.

“If you’re open to it I would love to invite him to come visit and talk to you,” Polly explains. This scene leads for a larger cult storyline in season 3. Photos of cult-like rituals including Polly and Alice, alongside babies Juniper and Dagwood have been revealed in the season 3 trailer. 



Speculations suggest that Alice is going to be the heart of the storyline and the man Polly referred to has been suggested to be Edgar Evernever, who will appear in upcoming episodes.  His character description has indicated he will target Alice, promising to help her overcome her problems. 

“A recent arrival in Riverdale with his daughter Evelyn, Edgar is a new-age health ‘guru’ who has helped Alice get her life together after the events of Season Two," the description reads. “He’s attractive, in a neighborly way, and charismatic - a wise, comforting presence."

Fans fear that this indicates he will charm and manipulate Alice into joining the beliefs at The Farm and knowing her investigative tendencies, she will be killed for speaking out about what really goes on at The Farm. 

Riverdale seasons 3 returns to CW on Wednesday 10 October.