'Riverdale' show composer Sherri Chung reveals her top 3 favorite music moments of the teen drama

It's high time we talk about the cult-favorite show's enthralling music and since we could not pick three, here are show composer Sherri Chung's favorite picks

                            'Riverdale' show composer Sherri Chung reveals her top 3 favorite music moments of the teen drama

Ask any Riverdale fan what makes the series their favorite and in the top three list will be spotted the "music." The CW's teen drama has a major cult following around the world and thanks to its music, fans vibe together to its tracks spawning across three seasons as we look out for more.

Meaww caught up with the show's composer Sherri Chung, who has been working alongside Blake Neely since Riverdale's inception in 2017. Currently working on the "swamp-goth" sounds of the Gargoyle King, here are her favorite three musical moments of Riverdale; we need three because we just can't decide which one to pick.

When FP and Jughead had a moment 

"When FP is trying to keep Jughead from joining the Serpents, Jughead says he’s taken all the tests and run the gauntlet, and they drive out on their motorcycles to have a father/son moment. They park in this really vast and open field. I called the piece of music 'beautiful shot,' because visually it’s a stunning scene." Chung said.

"The images really spoke to me. It’s such a fulfilling moment for a film composer, we are so inspired by what we see. I imagine this is equivalent of an actor knowing they nailed it on the first take. There was a stream of consciousness and I felt like I was sharing the moment with them. I cherish moments when that happens, which is why it is one of my top three," she added.

Hiram Lodge on Jughead's accusations 


"The Lodges are some of my favorite characters. There’s a sequence of scenes, that I like to call Hiram and his 'master plan'. Jughead confronts Hiram on the phone, saying that he knows Hiram is the one who’s behind disrupting everything. Even as he denies it, we see Hiram headed towards a bright light, and standing in that light is Penny Peabody, confirming that Jughead’s accusations are correct. It's such a dramatic moment, that had a huge arc leading up to all these pieces getting put together. And, in this moment, there’s a great payoff where we learn the truth of things. Scoring moments like those in this show has its own payoff; it's always fun to create big musical gestures that incorporate the complexities of these characters and their storylines," the composer said.

"There’s sexiness and fascination to the power of Hiram’s character, in addition to the fear of not knowing what extremes he’s capable of going to. I hope other people feel the music captures that as well," Chung added.

Archie on a mission to save Veronica

"Nick St. Clair comes back to give Archie a payback visit, so he abducts him and holds him for ransom and tells Veronica, 'one night with me and I’ll let him go.' Archie is tied up, watching this on camera and comes to an emotional place. So much so that he breaks out of the warehouse and the next cut is him just bolting down the road running to Veronica; he believes in something and to see that conviction is very compelling as a composer. It was a great opportunity for me to use the Varchie theme (written by Blake), yet arrange it in a way we hadn’t heard before. I really wanted to match this dramatic moment of our hero running full throttle to save his love. It is a very emotional moment and one of my favorites," Chung stated.

Just like 'Gossip Girl' before, every character we come across in 'Riverdale' has a certain signature music accompanying them, but what makes it even more interesting is the versatility of the characters along with the score. For example, Jughead with and without the serpent jacket has a certain shuffling going around. However, Chung told us the most challenging character to produce music for is Cheryl Blossom, the badass Katniss Everdeen of 'Riverdale'. 


"When Cheryl’s character appears on screen, her entrances and lines are never subtle. Musically, you want to match that, but without competing with the character. So, it ends up being really important to choose carefully and economically the most impactful musical statement that says just the right thing, but doesn’t over-do it. Ends up being a good challenge creatively," pointed Chung.

The series' music has become such an integral part of the show's identity that we look forward to the music as much we look forward to the plot. Season 3 episode 6 titled 'Manhunter' airs November 28 on The CW.