'Riverdale': "Archie will die," jokes Casey Cott in recent interview

It is not unknown that Riverdale has one of the most funny individual cast members off the screen but when Casey Cott joked about Archie's death, speculations started swirling

                            'Riverdale': "Archie will die," jokes Casey Cott in recent interview

Season 3 of 'Riverdale' is all set to premiere on October 10 and there's much anticipation in the air, but the stars of the show are teasing fans with what's to come, and not exactly in a way we'd want. As Archie's fate is heavily uncertain in the next season, given that he goes to prison, Casey Cott is adding fuel to the fire by stating that Archie will die.

KJ Apa, Casey Cott, and Riverdale’s dads Skeet Ulrich and Luke Perry spoke to ET Online recently about the third season, and it looks like fans are in for a treat as they prepare for big thrills describing the upcoming season to be “deep, dark, and dangerous.”

“They're going to absolutely just freak out, man," KJ told ET Online. "It's going to be gnarly."

In season 2,  Archie and his pals were left in the middle of a crisis since Archie had been framed by his girlfriend’s father. He was arrested for murder and Veronica realized that her father was the real bad guy.

The trailer is enough proof that Archie will return to high school, so we are assured he doesn’t spend too much time behind bars.

“Archie's in court and we're going to see if he goes to jail," KJ hinted, adding "But I can't tell you if he goes or not."

Casey chimed in, unable to resist throwing in some intrigue of his own. "...and then he dies!"

We are sure he is just kidding because the main leads don't suffer that fate. Right?

It is not a surprise if this is another joke cracked because the cast members are extremely tight in real life and keep pulling each others' legs in interviews. Casey and KJ also revealed that they have some fun scenes together in the upcoming season which they confess was "impossible" to shoot.


"KJ and I actually have some cool stuff together, which has been really fun,” Casey said. “Really difficult to shoot a serious scene with.” Apparently, the laughs just keep coming between them, which makes sense. "[They’re] the most impossible scenes to shoot, because we can't stop laughing," KJ added.