'Riverdale' spoiler: Will Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper team up to rescue Archie?

The Season 3 of Riverdale is around the corner and spoiler has it that Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper might join forces to take down Hiram Lodge.

                            'Riverdale' spoiler: Will Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper team up to rescue Archie?

The end of season 2 of 'Riverdale' saw Archie Andrews, played by KJ Apa, taken away in handcuffs as he was framed for murdering a Southside Serpent on the show. Hiram’s threatening look to Archie when he was taken away by the police, suggests that he was behind this act. However, as Netflix released a teaser poster ahead of the season premiere, things are going to get even darker. The five stars of the show are seen posing in front of Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, with the poster reading: “Every Mystery has a Darker Truth,” definitely assuring that this season is going to be even more mysterious.

As we look at the poster, Jughead and Betty’s concerned look suggests that they are up to something. Could this look from the poster imply that Jughead and Betty might team up to uncover the truth about Archie’s arrest?

However, the new season might also bring a new villain, which is just an indication of increased problems for Archie and the gang. Riverdale had recently introduced the character of Gargoyle King. Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, on Twitter, posted an image, captioning it:



There will be another treacherous presence in the small town as the show will be introducing The Farm. However, not much is revealed about The Farm apart from it having a resemblance to a cult. Penelope Ann Miller has been cast as a prosecutor who cross-examines Archie and not how the fans predicted as Jughead’s mother. In a recent tweet, Penelope tweeted: “Had them guessing I was #juggheads mom for awhile.. Sorry #Archie & #Riverdale fans. Maybe you will luv to hate me.”(sic)

Riverdale will now pick up a few months after Archie’s public arrest and the teens start Junior high. Will the gang survive the mystery and darkness in this season? We can only find out when the season is released on October 10.