'Riverdale': Blimey, Archie Andrews and his streak of dumb decisions even his washboard abs cannot conceal

Of all the stupid decisions the leading man of the show has made, episode 6 of season 3 will literally make you shout "WTF" and the abs aren't good enough a distraction anymore

                            'Riverdale': Blimey, Archie Andrews and his streak of dumb decisions even his washboard abs cannot conceal

Riverdale's season 3 episode 6, 'Manhunter,' was the closing deal that established Archie Andrews is plain dumb. In season 1's introduction, Kevin Keller exclaimed the redhead had become a hot stud over the course of the summer, but unfortunately three seasons were not enough for him to become any wiser or intelligent. 

His abs aren't a distraction anymore. His shirtless scenes, which feature in every episode, is no redemption to his dim wit. Let's start with something recent; Andrews at a payphone, calling Veronica Lodge to break up, spending every last bit of change he has. Maroon 5 will definitely be proud.


The goodbye scene was cringe-worthy and not the least emotional, because first of all why the heck is he doing one stupid thing after another? Veronica, specifically clarified she found all the evidence to prove Archie's innocence, and then he goes on to mourn about how he cannot come back to Riverdale nonetheless because of her father, Hiram Lodge. He goes on to say that ever since he first laid his eyes on her, he knew she was the one for him.

Ahem. Ahem! At that time, wasn't he going around with Betty Cooper and Miss Grundy before that? Veronica's entry into Archie's life was literally because she was the new girl in town and he was pursuing her like any other teenage boy.

The goodbye scene comes right after episode 5 titled 'The Great Escape,' where Veronica united all the Riverdale gang, just so Archie could escape from that hell of a prison. There can be no argument against what a wonderful girlfriend Ronnie aka Veronica is to Archie, right from season 1. Archie, on the other hand, doesn't seem to understand the intensity of his stupidity. Recall when he kissed Betty when she was being a good friend, lending her shoulder to cry on.

 Season 3 kicked off with the dumbest decision he has ever made, and I am talking about topping being a f***boy, dating a teacher, ditching his friends, breaking up the Pussycats, hurting his father by teaming up with the Lodges, etc. As the noble, self-righteous person he tries to be, he decides to plead guilty for a murder he did not commit.

Hiram set Archie up for the murder of Cassidy Bullock and as his friends and family tried their level best to fight the case with his own mother, Mary Andrews, taking up the role of his lawyer, he somehow decides it's best to plead guilty and spend years in Juvenile prison instead of going through another court trial, since his theory is, it is going to exhaust everyone.

As with all his dumb decisions, this too did not work out. He eventually had to escape, but not without causing enough drama in the juvie with his own dumb actions; such as punching a prison guard. Citing his good intentions and trying to unify all the prison mates, he calls upon a game of football, which obviously turns into a riot-like scene.

While it's baffling to see Archie make random impulsive decisions, it's even more shocking to see how clouded his vision is when it comes to trusting his own self. He simply should not. Isn't Archie supposed to know that by now?

With the closing scene of 'Manhunter,' as Archie and Jughead Jones walk on a solitary rail road track heading towards the horizon, fans are guessing where are the duo going. Some are even hoping they are headed towards Greendale for a much-anticipated and hopeful crossover with Riverdale's sister show 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.'

But what we do know is, the leaving, is Archie's decision and it's not going to lead him anywhere. His streak of dumb decisions is proof he cannot find any concrete ground for himself, so it's for the good that no one should be dependent on him, especially his headstrong girlfriend Veronica.  

Varchie is over, as of now. In a way, it's a relief, because wherever the leading man of the show is headed, he better return with common sense.

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