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Internet jokes Arnold Schwarzenegger trained 'ripped' chimps in viral fight video

Viral video shows ripped chimps fighting each other, net awestruck in particular by one hairless chimp and jokes 'I should really get to the gym'
UPDATED OCT 23, 2021
Jambo the hairless ripped chimp who's currently going viral (SloggerVlogger/YouTube)
Jambo the hairless ripped chimp who's currently going viral (SloggerVlogger/YouTube)

If you are lacking the motivation to work out, maybe this story might change your mind. Remember 'Planet of the Apes'? Well, it could one day be a reality according to the internet, which was left awestruck by a viral video of some "ripped" chimps fighting each other. The video itself is over four years old and quickly led some users to an old photo of one of the chimps - a hairless one whose stunning muscles were on full display.

The old video is one of the many shocking animal videos that are doing the rounds, as internet users are left stunned by nature. Back in September, we reported on a video of a chimp caught masturbating with a plastic bottle in Uganda. Days prior, another NSFW video made the rounds, showing gorillas engaging in oral sex, in front of stunned visitors at the Bronx zoo. Way back in 2018, a bus driver in India was fired after he was caught letting a monkey do his job, while passengers were on the bus. 


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Anyway, getting back to the ripped chimps, the video was originally uploaded to YouTube by SloggerVlogger in March 2016. The hairless chimp in the spotlight Jambo was also photographed and uploaded to Reddit sometime in 2019. It's unclear why they resurfaced years later, but they did and to some truly hilarious reactions.

Hairless chimp fights it out

The video appears to have been recorded at the Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, England. According to the uploader, Jambo and his dad Mongo suffer from alopecia, the medical term for hair loss. As a result, the duo's muscles are on full display. The extremely short clip, which we have embedded below, shows Jambo quickly running across the cage and grabbing onto some rope. He and his parents then appear to get into some sort of conflict with the other apes in the enclosure, leading them to group up in one end.

A photo of Jambo also made its way from Reddit to Twitter, thanks to Steve Stewert-Williams, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. Back in July 2020, he tweeted the photo with the caption, "Chimp with alopecia reveals a truth usually concealed in fur: Chimps. Are. Ripped."



Chimps are well-known to be stronger than humans. Experts believe they are able to generate more power, despite having the same muscular system as humans. That's because the muscle fibers are much longer and denser in chimps than in humans. Steve Ross of Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo said, "Chimps are incredibly strong and fast so humans are easily overpowered." If we did ever get into a fight, there would only be one winner.

'Planet of the apes just became much scarier'

So naturally, the internet was pretty worried when the video resurfaced, while a handful of others saw the funny side. In response to the video, one user asked, "Did Arnold Schwarzenegger train all those chimps?" Another joked, "Do u have pictures from leg day?" One person retweeted Stewert-Williams's tweet with the caption, "Planet of the apes just became much scarier."One user noted, "...I should really get to the gym."





But it wasn't just Twitter, even Reddit users had plenty to say. Responding to the photo, one person commented, "I want his workout and nutrition plans." Another joked the chimp was "Cover model of next month’s Men’s Health, including the “grueling workout regiment that will get you shredded in just 69 days”." Another dryly noted, "Year 2019. Humans want to go back to being apes."

On that note, the chimps don't appear to be interested in taking over the world just yet, but you never know. Perhaps it's not too late to get into shape for the coming chimpocalypse...