How did Mario 'die'? Nintendo fans list bizarre execution theories, say he 'passed away due to b**l cancer'

'Bye-Bye to Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Mario 35, and most importantly, Mario himself! See ya at the execution!' one fan said

                            How did Mario 'die'? Nintendo fans list bizarre execution theories, say he 'passed away due to b**l cancer'
Nintendo celebrated Mario's 35th anniversary (Getty Images)

Nintendo celebrated Mario's 35th anniversary by putting out new limited-edition Mario plushes, toys, collectibles, a Mario Switch console and some games on store shelves. But now fans are all sad to say goodbye to their favorite gaming character because after March 31, 2021, Mario games will not be available on the Nintendo eShop and no more physical versions of the former will hit store shelves. While some gamers were sad about Mario, others celebrated the news and gave some bizarre reasons for his death.

The limited-time release of three classic Mario games ported to the Switch in one package with Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury.


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Mario poses for a photo for the Nintendo of America and Southwest Airlines Partnership at San Diego International Airport on July 17, 2019, in San Diego, California (Getty Images)

Even though it is still not known why Nintendo is putting an end to one of the most loved gaming characters, it seems like the only reason for doing this is to create limited-run games that force Nintendo fans to purchase within an elected length of time solely to boost Nintendo's profits, and it's worked.

One internet user said, "Bye-Bye to Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Mario 35, and most importantly, Mario himself! See ya at the execution!" While one shared a Mario drawing and wrote: "This is one of my favorite drawings of Mario. Since Nintendo is not going to make Mario games anymore, I thought I’d share a Mario FanArt that I worked so hard on. I hope you like it! :) Mario is gone, but he still lives in the hearts of every gamer! :)"



While one person joked: "Guys its official, after 3 months of being married to Steven, Mario has unfortionately passed away due to ball cancer." While another one tweeted, "What joke? They're going to publicly execute Mario in a shadow drop live Nintendo Direct today. By Firing Flower Squad at the new Super Nintendo World in japan."



One person who seemed like he was waiting for the game to end for a while now, tweeted, "oh yeah nintendo's doing that thing where they shut down their mario collection game and the mario battle royale servers less than a year after both came out because fuck you that's why anyway dolphin is free." Sharing a picture of Mario, another one said, ""My games? If you want it, you can have it. Search for it! Emulate it! I left it all in the internet!" - Mario moments before his public execution, kickstarting the great piracy age. (March, 31st 2021)."



This Nintendo's flagship character was created by Shigeru Miyamoto, who joined the company at the age of 24 after completing his graduation from Japan. Mario first appeared in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong as Jumpman and became an instant hero during the period when more than 60,000 arcade machines were sold. In the 1982 arcade sequel, Donkey Kong Jr, he was renamed Mario by Mr Minoru Arakawa, the president of Nintendo of America, who named Mario after the owner of Nintendo's first warehouse, Mario Segali.

The 1983 arcade game Mario Bros was the first game to feature Mario as the title character; the game also featured the first appearance of Mario's brother, Luigi. Later, excited videogame players saw the first glimpse of the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros 3. Consequently, the game became the first videogame to sell more than two million units, making it the best-selling game in American videogame history.

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