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Why is #RIPDream trending on Twitter? Minecraft YouTuber who was doxxed recently is not dead

It was only recently that Dream revealed his real name to be Clay. He was, however, doxxed after a picture of Dream's kitchen was posted on his Twitter account
(Youtube/MrBeast channel)
(Youtube/MrBeast channel)

 #RIPDream was trending on Twitter Monday, December 4, with thousands of people tweeting about the YouTuber. Dream is one of the largest YouTube content creators for Minecraft with 15 million subscribers - a milestone figure for which he was trending on December 31 as well. But Dream isn’t dead.

Why was RIP Dream trending?

Twitter’s official synopsis of the trend read: “Minecraft YouTuber Dream is not dead, despite the hashtag #RIPDream which was created to rile up the Dream SMP fandom.” The Dream survival multiplayer (SMP) server, created by Dream Team, is home to many more content creators than the three who created it. The server has been up since May 2020.

A Twitter user wrote, “Hey guys for the tag #RIPdream he’s not actually hurt it’s antis that are making jokes since there was a misconception the other day that he got doxxed (he didn’t) please don’t worry about him he’s ok it’s giving many people anxiety so please stop.”

Another Twitter user said, “A lot of people in my replies are saying that Twitter regularly does this/pretends celebrities are dead for fun, and that this is just normal. First of all, death jokes like that aren’t funny no matter who it’s about. Second, this time the joke is targeting the fandom of a very popular Minecraft YouTuber - one whose audience consists mainly of young teenagers/kids who might not know better. They might not realize that this is a ‘joke’ or they might panic at the sight of the hashtag before even getting to look through it.”

One Twitter user said, “If you genuinely post #RIPDream s*** and think it’s funny I have ZERO respect for you you f***ing loser. Touch grass I BEG you.”




The Doxxing

Dream has remained mostly anonymous as a YouTuber and gamer - it was only recently that Dream even revealed his real name to be Clay. He was, however, doxxed after a picture of Dream's kitchen was posted on his Twitter account. YouTuber Mr. Beast posted a Rewind for 2020 that teased Dream would reveal his face for the first time. When Dream's face was ultimately obscured by his YouTube icon smiley face during the "reveal”, some people did not apparently appreciate it. As per reports, using the online real estate marketplace Zillow, a Twitter user called mazouwu figured out Dream's address and offered the information to anyone who asked before deleting all of the content from their account. Dream has yet to comment on the doxxing.

Other Controversies

Mid-December last year, the moderation team that oversaw Minecraft records published a 14-minute video that explained their two-month-long investigation into the 5th place run that was submitted by Dream earlier this year. Dream's record was contested based on the math of probability. To reach the end of Minecraft, one needs to barter their gold ingots with in-game creatures called Piglins, who may or may not give you the thing that you would need to complete the run. So the researchers who looked at Dream's previous records said that Dream managed to barter for the key item 42 out of 262 times, whereas 211 of his overall mob kills dropped the second necessary item. The chance that a Piglin would give you the item specific to triggering the end of Minecraft is only five percent while the probability of getting a secondary key rises to 50 percent. So, as fast as Dream gained popularity, his claims were disputed as well.