'Rim of the World' star Miya Cech says it was weird to kiss her costar 'over and over again'

'Rim of the World' star Miya Cech says it was weird to kiss her costar 'over and over again'

'Rim of the World' premiered on May 24 on Netflix. To put it simply, the film is an endearing mix of 'Goonies' (1985) and 'Independence Day' (1996).

The film explores what happens when four misfit teenagers—a nerd, a criminal, an orphan and a snob—are entrusted with the responsibility to save the world from aliens.

The film is filled with fun and adventure, as the teenagers try their best to fight an alien invasion that they witness during a camping trip.

'Rim of the World' is directed by McG, who has previously worked on multiple hits including 'Charlie's Angels' and 'Terminator: Salvation'. 

The film features Jack Gore, Annabeth Gish, Benjamin Flores Jr, and Miya Cech as the group of teens, with Miya Cech playing the role of a mature, adventure-loving Chinese orphan.

Speaking to MEA World Wide (MEAWW) in an exclusive interview, the cast of 'Rim of the World' shared their experience of filming the movie.

Miya Cech, who is known for her role as Zu in 'The Darkest Minds', said that her favorite part about her character was how tough ZhenZhen is. "She shows a lot of girl power, and kind of helps wrangle these boys," laughs Cech, motioning towards her co-stars.

Speaking about her first on-screen romance, Cech said that it was "an interesting experience" for her.

The 12-year-old actor said that she learned a lot when she saw older kids acting out romantic scenes on sets a year ago. "I carried that over into what I was doing with ZhenZhen and Alex (Jack Gore)," said Cech.

"But the one thing I will say is that it's kind of weird to have to first kiss someone over and over and over again," said a blushing Cech, before director McG interrupted by adding that he had specifically taken permission from the teenagers' parents.

He added that the kids brought to life "the promise of what is to come" as they move from childhood to adolescence and then young adulthood.


"I think they did a really good job of making it sweet and bringing that out which people of my generation and reflect on and say 'Oh I remember the time when I started noticing other people in that way," said McG. 

The director further said that the cast brought to life these emotions, which is "one of the many colors and flavors" of the film.

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