'Rim of the World' star Jack Gore, who plays nerdy teen Alex, is a genius in real life too

In an exclusive with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), the teen actor said that the experience while shooting the sci-fi action adventure helped him grow as an actor

                            'Rim of the World' star Jack Gore, who plays nerdy teen Alex, is a genius in real life too

Spoiler alert for 'Rim of the World'

While for most of us a Rubik's cube is a challenge to even decipher, let alone solve, for 14-year-old actor Jack Gore, it's a piece of cake given his record of solving it in 11 seconds flat. The young star, who is portrayed as a nerdy teen in the Netflix movie 'Rim of the World', is a genius in real life too. What's more astonishing is that Gore had never heard of the cube until he started shooting for the movie.

Gore plays Alex, one of the main protagonists in McG's sci-fi action adventure that was released on Netflix on May 24. The movie follows four misfit teens who end up saving the world after an alien invasion threatens to wipe out mankind's existence.

Now then, back to Gore. He stole the limelight as Timmy Cleary in 'The Kids Are Alright', a single-camera comedy on ABC about an Irish Catholic family raising eight sons in suburban Los Angeles, circa 1972, navigating the trials and tribulations of the era. In 'Rim of the World', he goes from a walking encyclopedia with a fear of heights to an Adidas jumpsuit-wearing superhero who brings down an alien in the final few minutes of the film.

Talking exclusively to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) about his character, Gore said that he has evolved as an actor personally. "The evolution of Alex, the transition from when he was nerdy going to camp dressed in a suit to the ending where he's rocking in a jumpsuit. I think I definitely grew as an actor," he said.


One of the traits to be a successful actor is about learning quickly and McG credited the teen for his ability to learn faster and be a "quick study". He reflected on how Gore took interest in the Rubik's cube and learned to solve it. "It was a bit of a generational thing, he'd never really heard of a Rubik's cube before," the 'Charlie's Angels' director said. "And to solve it and learn it quickly, it's safe to say he's a quick study," he remarked.

Another example of Gore being a quick learner is established in the film where he learns to ride a bicycle in a matter of minutes when the teens find out a means to escape the camp after encountering two aliens and giving them the slip. That's pretty much Gore. Nerdy teen on screen and a little genius off it.

'Rim of the World' also stars Benjamin Flores Jr., Miya Cech, Alessio Scalzotto, Lynn Collins and Annabeth Gish. Zack Stentz served as the screenwriter and the movie was helmed by McG. The movie released on May 24 and is available for streaming on Netflix.

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