Dan Harmon's 'Krapopolis', first blockchain animated series with Fox, sparks meme fest: 'Sounds like crap'

Harmon's 2013 show 'Rick and Morty' with Adult Swim charted new records in terms of popularity and success, creating a dedicated fan base

                            Dan Harmon's 'Krapopolis', first blockchain animated series with Fox, sparks meme fest: 'Sounds like crap'
'Rick and Morty' creator Dan Harmon's next venture is 'Krapopolis' (Getty Images)

Dan Harmon, the creator of highly popular animated series 'Rick and Morty' is all set to tie up with Fox for launching the first-ever cryptocurrency animated series. Titled 'Krapopolis', the series will be set in ancient Greece and include mythical elements. The show will be "centered on a flawed family of humans, gods and monsters that tries to run one of the world’s first cities without killing each other," according to the show's description shared by Hollywood Reporter. 

The first blockchain animated series is set to mark Fox's debut into the NFT business with a new company called Blockchain Creative Labs. The series will make use of the technology in its distribution and marketing and will be selling digital goods, characters, background art, GIFs and tokens with exclusive social experiences to reward superfans.


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First-ever animated series curated on the blockchain

Produced by Bento Box Entertainment, Fox's 'Krapopolis' is going to be the "first-ever animated series curated entirely on the blockchain". Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier revealed, "Not to go too far into it today, but as an advertiser-focused, artist-first and animation-obsessed company, Fox is going to take advertisers into the world of blockchain-powered tokens, including NFTs."

"And just as we’re doing this for our own animation, we will also help your brands connect directly with fans and enthusiasts through NFTs. With and for you, Fox will help art meet brands meet technology," he further added. 

NFTs or Non-fungible Tokens are basically digital trading cards that find usage in the domain of art, music and videos. Being a part of the Ethereum blockchain, NFTs can be bought and sold with cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the owner of the 'item' holds a 'definitive digital version' that can be considered official. Meanwhile, the show 'Krapopolis' itself will be centered around early Greek civilization and feature elements of mythos, while addressing present-day politics, celebrity and pop culture, all in characteristic Harmon style. 

Rick and Morty (Adult Swim/Cartoon Network)

Aside from 'Krapopolis', the comedy project 'Hold on for Dear Life' by Beacon Pictures also made an attempt to become the first show financed by cryptocurrency but they failed to land a distributor. 'American Gods' by Starz is also a show that has released collectibles through NFTs. 

'I was thinking Krapopolis was the new name of FOX'

Twitter users, who seemed quite pumped up about Harmon's upcoming series, reacted hilariously to the name 'Krapopolis', even taking a dig at Fox. 

"Wait, the first “blockchain tv show” is really called Krapopolis? Stop this timeline, I want to get off," a user tweeted. A second user said, "Dan Harmon launching a blockchain series called "Krapopolis" is a joke I'd make to parody Dan Harmon." One more said, "Oh, snap. Here I was thinking Krapopolis was the new name of FOX." A fourth user chimed in, "I don't think that Dan Harmon had anything to do with the NFT thing. However, I do think he had something to do with the awful title Krapopolis, which is a sin in of itself."

One joked, ""'Krapopolis' get it? It sounds like CRAP!!!! aha I'm so funny." No Dan you're just crap." Another said, "Love Dan Harmon. Love the idea of a mythic ancient Greece cartoon. Love that they'll use new technology for it. But 'Krapopolis' is a terrible title." One more said, "HEADLINE: Fox and Bento Box are collaborating with Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon on Krapopolis, the first-ever blockchain animated series. If only there were a perfect gif for this." One more said, "Fox Broadcasting and Bento Box announce animated primetime series "Krapopolis" will be first TV show whose merchandising will solely exist on the blockchain with character merchandise sold as NFTs."









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